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Very few things in existence are capable of harming, let alone killing an archangel. [[God]], as the Creator, was stated to be the one being capable of stopping [[Lucifer]] and the Apocalypse if He so chose to.<ref name="five02">[[5.02 Good God, Y'All]]</ref> While trying to keep Lucifer under control, God proved capable of negating Lucifer's powers without Lucifer even noticing until he tried using them on Sam and Dean Winchester.<ref name="eleven22" /> Later, an enraged God effortlessly obliterated [[Michael]], the most powerful of the archangels.<ref name="fifteen19" /> [[Amara]] was shown easily overpowering Lucifer and causing him incredible pain and damage.<ref name="eleven18">[[11.18 Hell's Angel]]</ref><ref name="eleven21">[[11.21 All in the Family]]</ref> Amara is also capable of effortlessly pulling an archangel from their vessel.<ref name="eleven22">[[11.22 We Happy Few]]</ref> A [[Hand of God]], a colloquial term for any object that has come into contact with God and taken on a portion of His power, can possibly kill or at the very least injure an archangel, as an indirect blast from the [[Rod of Aaron]] caused Lucifer to bleed.
Archangels may be able to harm each other without weapons, as Michael and Lucifer went unarmed to their confrontation at [[Stull Cemetery]].<ref name="five22" /> The [[Apocalypse World]] [[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Michael]] stated that he tore his Lucifer apart in the skies over Abilene during his version of the Apocalypse,<ref name="thirteen02" /> and Lucifer, while super-charged, believed he could kill the alternate Michael and Dean simply by [[smiting]] them, though this failed.<ref name="thirteen23" /> After Lucifer's resurrection, he and Michael engaged in a brief battle with their powers before Michael resorted to an archangel blade to kill his brother. Michael noted that he was somewhat winded from the fight and hadn't been in such a battle in centuries.<ref name="fifteen19" /> Archangels are Heaven's most fierce weapon, above all other angels. Despite the fact that angels under normal circumstances can't harm an archangel, if they can tap into the power of enough souls, they can banish, or even kill them.<ref name="six22">[[6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much]]</ref>
A [[Nephilim]] (at least one born of an archangel) has the power to harm and even kill archangels. While at full power, [[Jack Kline]] severely injured the Apocalypse World Michael and compelled Lucifer to tell him the truth.<ref name="thirteen23" /> While using the power of his [[soul]], Jack was able to exorcise Michael from his [[vessel]] and destroy the archangel, while taking his grace for himself.<ref name="fourteen14" />
An [[archangel blade]], when wielded by an archangel, is capable of killing an archangel.<ref name="thirteen13" /><ref name="fifteen19" /> It is also effective against archangels when wielded by a [[vessel]] powered by an archangel whether the vessel or the archangel is in control.<ref name="thirteen23" /> Other [[Angelic Weapon|weapons of Heaven]] can harm and possibly kill an archangel. [[Lot's Salt]], one of these weapons, turned Raphael's vessel into a pillar of salt, which made it uninhabitable, and forced Raphael to flee to find a new vessel. The [[Lance of Michael]] was created by Michael for the sole purpose of making Lucifer suffer in their final confrontation. The lance had the power to make all angels die slow, agonizing deaths, and could only be reversed if the spellwork on the Lance has been broken. [[Lucifer's Cage]] was specifically created by God to imprison Lucifer. Its intricate spellwork can tightly secure any archangels, as seen with Michael and Lucifer.<ref name="five22">[[5.22 Swan Song]]</ref>
Archangels are also susceptible to certain types of spells. [[Kali]] was able to bind Gabriel to her location by gaining a blood sample from his human vessel. Castiel attempted to summon Raphael to his vessel using [[Enochian]] incantation. Enochian sigils can be used to hide a person from archangels. The [[angel banishing sigil]] is also able to banish an archangel as it would any lesser angel.<ref name="eleven14">[[11.14 The Vessel]]</ref>

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