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After Nick [[prayer|prays]] to him, Lucifer is awakened in [[the Empty]].<ref name="fourteen07">[[14.07 Unhuman Nature]]</ref> With the help of demons, Nick attempts to [[resurrection|resurrect]] Lucifer and nearly succeeds in bringing the archangel back. However, Jack intervenes, banishes Lucifer back to the Empty, and kills Nick to prevent him from trying again.<ref name="fourteen17">[[14.17 Game Night]]</ref>
Nearly two years after his death, Lucifer is resurrected by God to retrieve [[Chuck's Death Book]]. Having been told that he's now God's Favorite instead of Michael, Lucifer helps to open the book by turning the [[Reaper]] [[Betty]] into the new Death before killing Betty and revealing his true allegiance. After a short battle between Michael and Lucifer, Lucifer is killed for a second time by Michael with an archangel blade supplied by Sam. Lucifer bursts into ashes upon his second death due to his lack of a vessel and Lucifer's words about being God's Favorite causes Michael to betray the Winchesters in order to regain his position in God's eyes.<ref name="fifteen19" />

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