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Death is one of the [[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]]. Referred to in the Book of Revelation as the Pale Horseman, he appears the original Death appeared to be the most powerful and eldest of the four, older than [[Famine]], [[War]], and [[Pestilence]]. According to him, he is the only being in existence that will persist through the end of time. According to Death neither he nor [[God]] can remember which of them is older. Since [[Amara]], God's sister, claims claimed that she doesndidn't know who Death iswas, and vice versa, it proves that God is older than the pale horseman.<ref name="eleven01">[[11.01 Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire]]</ref> Death also believes believed at the end of time, God himself will die, and he will then reap God.<ref name="five21">[[5.21 Two Minutes to Midnight]]</ref>
At some point in the past Death became imprisoned. He is was released by [[Lucifer]] during the [[Apocalypse]], and finds found himself forced to serve the fallen [[archangel]]'s wishes.<ref name="five10">[[5.10 Abandon All Hope...]]</ref><ref name="five21" /> Though he is often unseen, Death's actions and presence have had far reaching effects. On Lucifer's orders, he resurrects resurrected the dead and causes caused biblical storms and massive hurricanes.<ref name="five19">[[5.19 Hammer of the Gods]]</ref><ref name="five15">[[5.15 Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid]]</ref> Death is was even ordered by Lucifer to destroy Chicago with a massive storm which will would have kill three million people.<ref name="five21" /> When [[Dean]] encounters encountered him in Chicago, and Death reveals revealed that he does not serve Lucifer by choice, and is was willing to give up his ring to see Lucifer re-imprisoned. He agrees , in doing so he agreed to not to destroy Chicago, saying he "likes their pizza."
After the defeat of Lucifer, Death returns returned his attention to maintaining the natural order.<ref name="six11">[[6.11 Appointment in Samarra]]</ref> In spite of his own reservations about resurrecting the dead, he retrieves retrieved [[Sam]]'s soul from [[Lucifer's Cage]] and returns returned it to him so that the Winchesters will could continue to investigate a greater threat against the balance of life and death.<ref name="six11" />
As a very powerful being In 2017, it's revealed that existed before time began, he has extensive knowledge of the universe and is aware of the threats and actions regarding [[Purgatoryreaper]]. After [[CastielBillie]] takes on had taken Death's place due to a rule stating that the role next reaper to die after an incarnation of God, Dean binds Death in hopes he will kill Castiel for themis killed becomes Death themselves. HoweverBillie works with the Winchesters from 2019 to 2020 to take down [[God]], Castiel breaks his binding before he can but it's revealed that her true plan is to take power as the new God once God and leaves[[the Darkness]] are gone. While Death is not happy with their actionsMortally wounded by Dean, he agrees Billie attempts to help them put kill him as her last act but is absorbed into [[the Empty]] by the souls back in Purgatory[[Cosmic Entity]], mostly because he's annoyed with how arrogant Castiel has becomewhom she had also double-crossed.
After the [[Mark of Cain]] causes him to get [[Rudy|another hunter]] killed, Dean summons Death in hopes Death can kill him. However, the Mark's power is such that even Death can't do that and he explains about [[the Darkness]] and the consequences of removing the Mark. He offers to send Dean somewhere far away where he is no threat, but demands Sam's life in exchange. While Dean initially agrees, he instead turns Death's [[Death's Scythe|own scythe]] on him, killing Death who crumbles to dust. In 2017, it's revealed that the [[reaper]] [[Billie]] has taken Death's place due to a rule stating that the next reaper to die after an incarnation of Death is killed becomes Death themselves. Billie works with the Winchesters from 2019 to 2020 to take down [[God]], but it's revealed that her true plan is to take power as the new God once God and [[the Darkness]] are gone. Mortally wounded by Dean, Billie attempts to kill him as her last act but is absorbed into [[the Empty]] by the [[Cosmic Entity]], whom she had also double-crossed. A third incarnation of Death is was created soon after Billie is taken to the Empty. In order to read His [[Chuck's Death Book|death book]], Chuck has Lucifer create a new Death by killing a reaper named Betty, whom he eventually kills again as soon as she opens the book, but before she can reveal its contents, leaving no current incarnation of Death.
[[Chuck Shurley]] admits to Sam and Dean that He enjoyed the old Death better than Billie because "he was all about fried pickles and tickle porn," claiming that she involves herself too much.<ref>[[14.20 Moriah]]</ref> Billie later directly intervenes in the war against [[God]] by protecting [[Jack]] in [[the Empty]] after his death and then by resurrecting him with a plan that will allow Jack to become strong enough to kill God Himself -- something that violates both of her biggest rules in massive ways.<ref name="fifteen11">[[15.11 The Gamblers]]</ref>
The third Death, [[Betty]], though short-lived, shows showed a similar lack of patience for the Winchesters.
===Powers and abilities===
* [[Archangels]] – [[Lucifer]] was able to kill the third incarnation of Death, Betty, by snapping his fingers. Whether this was an ability possible by all archangels or a boost given to him by Chuck is unknown.
* [[Death's Scythe]] – Death can be killed by its own scythe. When Dean slashes [[Billie]] in the shoulder with the scythe, even though he wasn't aiming to kill, Dean leaves Billie mortally wounded with a festering injury.
* [[Mark of Cain]] – While not truly a weakness per se, the Mark's power is such that even Death cannot remove it from a person bearing it.
* [[Spells#Death_2|Spells]] – Death can be effectively bound. God kept the original Death imprisoned beneath the Earth for thousands of years for unknown reasons. [[Dean]] and [[Sam]] were able to use a spell given to them by [[Crowley]] to bind him in an attempt to get him to kill [[Godstiel|Castiel]], who had dubbed himself the new "God."
* [[Warding sigils]] – Castiel was able to use an [[angel banishing sigil]] as a means to ward Death from entering a room for a brief period.
==Death's Accessories==
===[[Death's Scythe]]===
Death owns a scythe purportedly capable of reaping any being, including [[angels]], [[demons]], and [[reaper]]s.<ref name="four15">[[4.15 Death Takes a Holiday]]</ref><ref name="five21" /> It is the only known weapon capable of killing Death himself. When a new Death is born after a previous incarnation has died, they are gifted with a new scythe upon their ascension.
===[[Four_Horsemen_of_the_Apocalypse#The_Briefcases|Death's Briefcase]]===
===[[13.05 Advanced Thanatology]]===
After [[Dean]] has [[Sam]] temporarily induce induces his own death on him, his reaper [[Jessica (Reaper)|Jessica]] realizes who he is and reports that Dean Winchester is in the Veil. When Sam's attempt to revive Dean fails, Dean is surprised by the sight of Billie, who reveals that after [[Castiel]] killed her, she became the new Death, explaining that when Death dies, the first reaper to be killed after him will take up his mantle. Telling Dean they need to talk, Billie teleports herself and Dean to a place she refers to as her "reading room." She tells Dean that she has heard that he and Sam have been jumping universes and questions him how that is possible. Dean tells her that as Death she should know, but Billie replies that this information eludes her, much to her annoyance. Realizing Dean has the upper hand, he strikes a deal: in exchange for the information, Billie must release the souls trapped in Meadows' home. Billie agrees to the terms and has Jessica usher the souls out of [[the Veil]]. Curious as to why he didn't ask her to revive him, Dean tells her he figured it was a moot point and was prepared to die. Billie tells him he has changed and no longer has the same bravado of a man that has died multiple times. Dean explains that after his recent failings, he is prepared to die if it is his time. Billie, however, shows Dean a shelf with notebooks dedicated to him, and the various ways that he may die based on his choices in life. she She tells Dean that now is not his time, and that with her taking on the mantle of Death, she sees the big picture, and much to her chagrin, she finds that he and Sam are important and that they have work to do and that's all he needs to know. When Dean attempts to ask her about Mary, Billie sends him away, resurrecting him.
After sending Dean away, Billie begins reading from one of the many notebooks on Dean's shelf. Dean tells Sam about his encounter with Death. Sam is confused as Dean killed Death, leading Dean to explain that Billie is now the replacement of the Death that Dean had killed.
===[[15.12 Galaxy Brain]]===
Billie explains that when she became the new Death, she was introduced to the big picture as well as inheriting Death's collective knowledge and Death's Library. In the library, everyone has a book detailing how they might die, including [[God]]. Dean remembers when Death told him that he would reap God in the end back when they met in Chicago during the [[Apocalypse]] ten years ago. She explains that when [[Chuck]] created the world, He integrated Himself into the framework of the multiversal quantum construct to be able to create [[alternate universes]] and ensure that the Winchesters' world kept operating in His extended absence. She explains that [[Team Free Will 2.0]] Sam and Dean are the ones who will herald God's ultimate demiseas the messengers of God's destruction. ===[[15.13 Destiny's Child]]===After Sam and Dean come across [[Sam and Dean Winchester (HunterCorp)|doubles]] standing in front of a [[Portals|rift]] in the Bunker, Billie explains that they were most likely fleeing their universe as Chuck has been destroying all the worlds he has created. Believing that Chuck is close to returning, Billie gives Jack his next ritual, which involves locating something known as [[the Occultum]]. When Sam presses her on where they can find it, Billie simply tells them she doesn't know as it has been hidden for centuries, only telling them it is sacred and potent. Before departing, she warns everyone to be careful and vigilant and not to do anything stupid, as if Chuck gets wind all their work would be for nothing. ===[[15.18 Despair]]=== ===[[15.19 Inherit the Earth]]===
==Death in Lore==

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