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1.18 Drive

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Walker is on the phone with Bonham who pleads with him to not shut them out as he needs family right now. The Walker family knows that Stan was involved as well. Walker tells Liam that his office needs to protect Mendoza and he knows everything. Liam tells him he will do it and then Walker tells him the plan he has just come up with. At the hospital, Micki is worried that Trey may get hurt. Trey tells her that he has her six on this. Micki snags a doctor's ID and Trey pretends he is a doctor to get access to Mendoza's room and the nurse gives him the information. Both Micki and Trey go into the room and they tell Mendoza who they are and that they are going to take him somewhere safe. In the hallway there is a strange man who Micki knows he was sent to kill him. They are able to get Mendoza clear of the hospital and take him to the SIDE Step. Micki tells her about how Stan killed Emily and that Mendoza needs protection until protective custody. Micki tells her that she is the only one she can trust and Geri agrees but askes where Walker is as she worried. It's night fall, Walker has taken them to the exact spot Emily died. Stan gets out of the truck and is face to face with the Walker Family. Walker tells him that this all ends tonight with the truth.
Walker demands Stan to tell the family exactly what happened as they deserve to know as she was taken from them in a violent way. Stan starts to tell them what happened as flashbacks to that night start to roll. Emily overhears something and takes a look. She has a phone out and sees the truck with drugs. Cali sees this and Emily starts to run. Cali takes a shot and hits Emily. Emily falls to the ground and phone next to her. Walker interjects and tells Stan that there were two bullet holes in his wife. Cali seems to be the one calling the shots and Stan pleads for him to take tells her to and the hospital as he tells Cali others that she Emily is the a wife a Texas Rangerthat he is good friends with. Cali tells him that on in order to secure his loyality loyalty to Northside Nation, he would need to personally finish the job. Stan, scared for his life takes the fatal shot and kills Emily. He admits that he kept the poker chips as a reminder of what he had done as he felt guilty. Stella, Bonham, Abeline and August all take turns to jab on Stan for what he has done as he has been lying to them all. The next morning, Stan is in Walker's car and is about to be brought it police custody. Walker tells Stan that he won the election as DA. As they leave the car, a sniper takes shots towards Walker and Stan's direction. Stan is shot and a stray bullet lands in the vest that Walker is wearing. Inside, Stan is injured and bleeding and whispers something in Walker's ear that catches him by surprise. A medical team is dispatched. After the intense situation, Walker thanks Micki and James for having his back and believing him. Walker leaves and James askes Micki to stick around. With Northside Nation still at large and now a sniper that is trying to kill Walker, James offers Micki an undercover operation and at this point, Micki is the only one that can protect Walker. Liam and Bret are cleaning up the election sign and having small talk. Liam is talking about having a future and wanting to start fresh. He proceeds to as Bret out on a date. Bonham has told Abeline that he wants to start fresh as well and will tell the rest of the family about his cancer diagnosis. Micki is anxiously waiting for her "moms" to come for brunch. Micki is sitting at the table pondering over what James has offered her and who being undercover will change everything including the happiness she is feeling with Trey at this very moment. We then see August and Stella having a moment in the farmhouse, Walker walks in and sits in-between them. August askes why Walker ever came back home after he was away in the service. Walker admits that Texas has always been home and that he wanted to start a family. The episodes ends with Walker holding his children and a unknown figure is watching on several screen in a dark room as there is a camera set up in the Walker home observing every move and then fades to black.

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