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Supernatural Scrapbook Jan-June 2008

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'''March 24''' Jared announced as one of the leads (not the one in the hockey mask) in Friday 13th remake.
 '''March 27''' Harley recuperates with Sandy in LA following a knee operation. (I know because my dog has Harley friended on Facebook)
'''April 3''' [ New Promo pics].
(about working with Jared) We joke about the fact that we spend more time with each other than our girlfriends (laughs) But it's good when you have the relationship he and I have.</blockquote>
'''April 14''' Charlie the Unicorn 2 is released and Jared drives everyone on set batshit crazy as he keeps grabbing Dean's amulet and going "DEEEEEEEN! The Magical Amulet! We must take it to the Bannana King!" and making that annoying blblblbbl sound with his tongue.
Actually this never happened. Don'''April 14''' Charlie the Unicorn 2 is released and Jared drives everyone t believe everything you read on set batshit crazy as he keeps grabbing Dean's amulet and going "DEEEEEEEN! The Magical Amulet! We must take it to the Bannana King!" and making that annoying blblblbbl sound with his tongue. Or maybe this just happened in my mindinternet.
'''April 16''' TWIZZLERED!!!!!
Jared and Jensen both do interview with the CW during the filming of the season finale. [ During Jared's interview Jensen walked in and twizzlered him].
'''April 19'''
Jared is the focus of [ a photoshoot with TV Guide] and [ video interview] that highlights his natural assets.
'''April 24''' [[3.13 Ghostfacers]], the first episode filmed after the [[Writers Guild of America Strike]] ended, airs.
'''May-June''' [[Friday the 13th]] meets [[My Bloody Valentine 3D]]
Jared goes straight from filming Supernatural to the set of Friday the 13th in Austin, while Jensen heads to Pittsburgh to film My Bloody Valentine.
* [ There is teasing] about whose film is better.
Padalecki, sitting by our side watching video playback with the producers, recognizes he's got the better end of the deal. "Jensen's in Pennsylvania now. I totally get the cooler bad guy [to fight]. He's doing 3-D so all of his imperfections will be hard to ignore," he laughs. "All of his imperfections, I don't want to sound like... I'm saying if I was in 3-D I'd be much more worried, but here I am on a flat screen, I get to hide easy."</blockquote>
*But life wasn't all easy for Jared on set. This from the [ producers' Platinum Dunes site]:
And finally, there's Jared Padalecki, who spent two nights getting his face smashed through a pane of glass over and over. If any of you went to the Dallas "Supernatural" Convention you probably noticed all of the cuts on his nose and forehead. </blockquote>
* Writer of MBV Todd farmer turns out to be quite the Jensen fan and raves about him regularly on [ his blog]:
This is just a small thing but I found it endearing. I guess it was day one. I had not yet been introduced to Mr. Ackles. And there was no guarantee that I would be. Writers tend to drool, belch and break wind so the powers that be like to keep up away from the talent. Truth is, writers, we do our part early on. We may tweak a line or two during production or make a quick change due to budget restraints but our job is to stay out of the way once the cameras start rolling. We become both unseen and forgotten. So, I was well hidden in the shadows across the set from where Jensen was shooting a very intense scene. Cut. Then as the crew moved camera and lights for the next set up, Jensen crossed the entire set. I remember looking up and thinking, hmm, wonder where he's going. Turns out he was coming to introduce himself to me. Looks, talent and just a wonderfully nice guy.</blockquote>
* From an interview with Jared's MBV3D co-star Kerr Smith
"It was a pleasure to work with him again. Jensen's a cool cat, man. He's tall, formal and just a fun guy to hang out with." He says they had a bit of fun taunting Ackles' Supernatural co-star who was off on another slasher redo. "We were calling Jared [Padalecki] - because he was shooting [Friday the 13th] in Texas when we were shooting in Pittsbugrh - and Jensen was telling him, "You know our movie is better than yours, right?" </blockquote>
'''May 11''' [[Asylum 2008]]
Jared and Jensen aren't present due to filming commitments, but by all accounts a great Con.
* Following his "I read Bobby/John" t-shirt at Eyecon, this time he wore "I read Bobby/you"!!!!
* Everyone seemed to be adoring Katie and Lauren
* On filming the makeout scene with Jared in "Dream" Apparently Jared was all concerned for Lauren (who was trying to make the scene hot) and Jared was the one who was a nervous wreck during it, being all 'if you get uncomfortable just gimme the nod and we can get everyone else out of the room, just tell me if it's weird for you, it's okay!' "
* Sterling Brown (Gordon) said Sterling said one of J2's favourite pranks for each other was finding each others' most embarrassing modelling pictures and posting them up all over set.
'''June 6-8''' [[Salute to Supernatural Dallas 2008]]
Following weeks of internet rumours, Jared confirmed at the Con that he and Sandy have called off their engagement. Jensen was to have appeared, but had to cancel due to commitments filming My Bloody Valentine in Pittsburgh. However the Ackles family did drop into the Con to see Jared.
Favourite pic* Jim Beaver wears a "I'm a male lesbian" t-shirt.<blockquote>when asked by a young girl if he missed Jensen, Jared said if course and that he had just talked to Jensen for an hour on the phone the day before and that they were always texting each other.(from a report by runedgirl)<blockquote><blockquote>Jared on his favourite present from Jensen: "when time's are tough or at the end of a hard day or something, he's like "let me buy you dinner", 'cause food is the way to my heart. To hell with his friendship, if he buys me a steak or two, i'm happy!" ([ video here])</blockquote>June 21-22 [[Supanova Sydney 2008]]A last minute replacement for Hayden Panettiere, Jared flies into Sydney and his luggage goes missing resulting in the [ first news reports] focusing on the trials of buying grundies (aussie slang for undies) in a foreign country.Highlights:* [http: // A fan does the Network Ten interview]. It's all about a brilliant job and one of Jared's best interviews.* [ Jared discovers a new snack] thanks to a local fan<blockquote>Fan: I have a few things for you.....JP: *big grin* Awesome!! *starts rummaging through the gazebag like a little kid!!*Fan: There is a "real" footy (AFL) in there for your dogs, and some candy for you!!JP: Oh wow!!! This is awesome!! *HUGE grin*Fan: There are some glow in the dark M & Ms in there too!!JP: Are you serious??? Get out!!! Glow in the dark?!?!?Fan: Yep!!JP: I am gonna test these out tonight back at the hotel....gonna scatter them around and turn the lights off!...*laughs* </blockquote>* [ And a video confirms Jared and Jensen love Australia], with snippets from both their visits Down Under.

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