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Supernatural Scrapbook July-Dec 2008

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“Jared Padalecki is the world’s tallest rascal. He’s irreverent, full of jokes, full of fun and really, really good at what he does.”
“Jensen’s not as wild as Jared, but he’s just as funny and he’s really deeply devoted to what he does for a living. He’s a sweet guy, which is something coming from a guy like me.” </blockquote>
'''26 September''' Eric's fanart[[The Beast With Two Backs]]
The last issue of Supernatural "Rising Son", a six page comic by Eric Kripke was included by "The Beast with two backs". It starred the Ghostfacer, and a ridiculously handsome monster that managed to imply Kripke supported both [[Wincest]] and [[J2]], as well as taking the piss out of both the Show and the fans!
'''September 26-28''' [[EyeCon September 2008]]
* Jim Beaver continues the transition by wearing a Mythbusters "I do all my own stunts" t-shirt
* Nicki Aycox reported that Jensen absolutely refused to 'hit' Meg in that original Devil's Trap exorcism. Until Meg and Kim convinced him, he outright didn't find it acceptable to even fake hitting a girl. Nicki's words were 'Dude, she's talking about your momma and she's a DEMON, of COURSE you're gonna hit her! (from [info] ze_pink_lady
* Jared talked about his new housemate ([ Video here]):
Just to squash any of your fantasies...he lives downstairs, I live up. Yeah, it worked out kinda nice because I bought a house last year you know, and uhm he was living in a place he was renting with his buddy and he got kicked out and so I said c'mon, stay over here. So uh...we dance and cook and clean. We don't, we watch football and go to sleep basically. Some nights it'll be nice we have a little bit of extra lay over. Lay over? Welcome to my world. Uhm a little extra uh...turn around you know, so we'll hang out or play guitar or you know watch...Who does the cooking and the cleaning? Clif. Our bodyguard! There, I can blame him. He actually does, he'll bring over stuff and like grill, he has a nice little apron. Uh I think we both, I think we both clean. Luckily hes a pretty clean guy. We've always got along, you know we got along from day one so I think we realized, listen we're spending so much time together. Uhm and it's nice because his feelings aren't hurt if I walk in and go like "Dude, get out of here i'm going to sleep." and if he walks..if we walk in and hes like "Dude, I gotta crash." I'm like cool and you know, i'll play nintendo by myself or something...with two tears. But uh, thank you, thank you i'd love that. But it's been nice, it's been nice because we work so hard and we get a chance to work on our stuff and so, it's nice. I'm saying with 7 and a half episodes I do, when I see y'all guys next time I might be like "I'ma buy him his own house" - i'm just kidding. "Get him away from me!" </blockquote>
* [ Another report from the breakfast session]:
First of all, Jared bought a house in Vancouver last year because he is hardly ever in LA; it also would be better for his dogs. In the meantime, Jensen was renting from a friend of his that he met while on Dark Angel. The market in Vancouver was going up and the friend decided to sell the house. After it sold, Jensen didn't really have time to find a place, so Jared told him to move in with him. Jensen was reluctant at first. Jared said that Jensen said he didn't want to crash his place (I probably don't know the phrasing, but I took it to mean he didn't want to butt in). So, Jared offered to let him store his stuff while they took off for the summer. Then, the guys were filming their movies and never got around to finding a place. When Supernatural started filming again, they still didn't have enough time to find a place, so Jensen was staying there on an air mattress. Eventually Jared got him to unpack some stuff, put up a bed, and it has been working out well ever since. They each have their own floor and there are some common areas. Jared said it has been about 7 weeks and everything is working out fine. Nobody gets insulted if one or the other just wants to crash and sometimes they do get together and barbecue or play guitar...</blockquote>
'''October 4'''
Yeah, if we didn’t bond I think the show would have been canceled long ago. Um but we do bond and we have a great time and we have a tough schedule because it’s only of us. We’re working insane hours but on the flip side we watch out for each other and we’re there for each other and you know, we’re there like if he’s having a tough day I’ll kick him in the ass and tell him to bring it up and if I’m having a tough day he’ll you know slap me in the face and tell me to bring it up. It’s kinda nice, we’re both Texas boys that kind of are low key and like to get our work done and we like to have a good time.
We just have a great crew, I mean our crew who works on the show most of them I’d say over 90% of them have been with us since season one. Alot of them have actually taken pay cuts to keep working on the show, because the show hasn’t been getting alot of support from whoever are the powers that be and the American dollar took a big hit and so we kinda, not only did we not get a raise in the show we kind of effectively got our budget cut like 200 thousand dollars. So they had to cut alot of salaries.</blockquote>

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