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Supernatural Scrapbook July-Dec 2008

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* Borat. "I Like"
* and the randomness of Freddie Prinze Jr.
'''September 7''' [[Red Bull Soap Box Derby]]
On 7 September, 2008, the Red Bull Soap Box Derby was held in Vancouver. As part of the event there were celebrity races. Jared and Jensen, in matching, named hockey jerseys, were among the competitors. For the record - Jared beat Jensen. He donated his $1000 prize to [ St. Jude's Children Research Hospital] and Jensen donated his $500 to [ Doctors Without Borders].
[ The video interviews] with each of the boys were priceless, with of teasing and Jared claiming Jensen had a crush on him.
* [ Transcript courtesy] of waterofthemoon
“Jensen’s not as wild as Jared, but he’s just as funny and he’s really deeply devoted to what he does for a living. He’s a sweet guy, which is something coming from a guy like me.” </blockquote>
'''26 September''' [[The Beast With Two Backs]]
The last issue of Supernatural "Rising Son", a six page comic by Eric Kripke was included by "The Beast with two backs". It starred the Ghostfacer, and a ridiculously handsome monster that managed to imply Kripke supported both [[Wincest]] and [[J2]], as well as taking the piss out of both the Show and the fans!
* Nicki Aycox reported that Jensen absolutely refused to 'hit' Meg in that original Devil's Trap exorcism. Until Meg and Kim convinced him, he outright didn't find it acceptable to even fake hitting a girl. Nicki's words were 'Dude, she's talking about your momma and she's a DEMON, of COURSE you're gonna hit her! (from ze_pink_lady
* Jared talked about his new housemate ([ Video here]):
Just to squash any of your fantasies...he lives downstairs, I live up. Yeah, it worked out kinda nice because I bought a house last year you know, and uhm he was living in a place he was renting with his buddy and he got kicked out and so I said c'mon, stay over here. So uh...we dance and cook and clean. We don't, we watch football and go to sleep basically. Some nights it'll be nice we have a little bit of extra lay over. Lay over? Welcome to my world. Uhm a little extra uh...turn around you know, so we'll hang out or play guitar or you know watch...Who does the cooking and the cleaning? Clif. Our bodyguard! There, I can blame him. He actually does, he'll bring over stuff and like grill, he has a nice little apron. Uh I think we both, I think we both clean. Luckily hes a pretty clean guy. We've always got along, you know we got along from day one so I think we realized, listen we're spending so much time together. Uhm and it's nice because his feelings aren't hurt if I walk in and go like "Dude, get out of here i'm going to sleep." and if he walks..if we walk in and hes like "Dude, I gotta crash." I'm like cool and you know, i'll play nintendo by myself or something...with two tears. But uh, thank you, thank you i'd love that. But it's been nice, it's been nice because we work so hard and we get a chance to work on our stuff and so, it's nice. I'm saying with 7 and a half episodes I do, when I see y'all guys next time I might be like "I'ma buy him his own house" - i'm just kidding. "Get him away from me!" </blockquote>
It's something that comes naturally. Jensen's got a big old crush on me, and I just sort of try and play of it. I've told him many times nothings going to happen, I'm not like that, but I play of it. No we're pretty laid back guys, were both from Texas, and sort of like to get our work done and have a good time. Not really like drama kings. I've worked with guys who need some sort of conflict, and a like "did you here what blah blah said aboiut blah blah?" And I'm like c'mon just relax, you work 14 hour days anyways, its not worth getting bent up about stupid things. It came pretty naturally, we're pretty similar. We actually live together right now, so even at night, we get home from set, and we've seen each other for 12 hours, and we're like 'Wanna play guitar? Cool" you know, until we go to sleep or something.</blockquote>
[[Image:JensenPadalecki.jpg|thumb|right|Mistitled Tv Guide Interview]]
'''October 21''' Minibike randomness

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