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Supernatural Scrapbook July-Dec 2008

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[[Image:Panel.jpg|right|thumb|The Supernatural team at [[Comic Con 2008]]]]
* [[Supernatural Scrapbook]] mistress list
* [[Supernatural Scrapbook Jan-June 2008]]
'''July 16:''' Supernatural magazine #5.
* Kripke coins the phrase "necro-riffic" - in relation to fans being fond of Dean's bodily fluids even if they were fluids oozing from a decomposing corpse.
'''August''' Jared gets a rare week off - which he spends in Hawaii - during the filming of [[4.03 In The the Beginning]].
Misha later revealed:
'''August 20:''' <br>
We get our first glimpse of the trailer for [[A The Christmas Cottage]] and more pics of Jared looking adorable in chunky handknits.
'''August 24:''' Gag Reel.<br>
The Gag Reel from the [[Season 3 DVD]]s appears online with lots of boy hugging and "I love you" and funnies and more pop culture references than ...well an episode of Supernatural. Can you pick 'em?
* Dean: We open the doors. We let 'em in. And then we fight like men in tights. - from [ Robin Hood: Men in Tights].
* "I miss your musicmusk" - quote from the movie [ Anchorman].
* Jared Zoolander
* Dramatic Ackles based on the [ dramatic prairie dog].
'''October 4:'''<br>
In another [ Buddy TV interview] Jared apparently likes Jensen. alotA lot.
It's something that comes naturally. Jensen's got a big old crush on me, and I just sort of try and play of it. I've told him many times nothings going to happen, I'm not like that, but I play of it. No we're pretty laid back guys, were both from Texas, and sort of like to get our work done and have a good time. Not really like drama kings. I've worked with guys who need some sort of conflict, and a like "did you here what blah blah said aboiut blah blah?" And I'm like c'mon just relax, you work 14 hour days anyways, its not worth getting bent up about stupid things. It came pretty naturally, we're pretty similar. We actually live together right now, so even at night, we get home from set, and we've seen each other for 12 hours, and we're like 'Wanna play guitar? Cool" you know, until we go to sleep or something.</blockquote>
'''October 4'''
[ From an actor's blog] who later went onto play the Teddy Bear in [[4.08 Wishful Thinking]]:
I do a very clever thing when scoping celebs at the bar, which is I pretend I'm looking for someone else so I don't look too obvious. Oh yeah, I'm smooth. Sure enough there was Sam and Dean Winchester, the guys I play almost every time I read on the North Shore. So, I see 'em, and think "cool, I've seen 'em," and go on about my business (because it is "my business") when I later get assigned to bathroom-checking duty.
So I'm wiping up the counter that seems to never be dry, when lo and behold the Winchester boys bust in, laughing and cavorting, as often brothers do. </blockquote>
[[Image:Surprisejdm.jpg|thumb|right|Jared with Jeffrey Dean Morgan at the Scream Awards]]
'''October 12''' Behind the scenes<br>
[ From an older interview], where Jared talked about filming scenes in [[4.09 I Know What You Did Last Summer]] and [[4.10 Heaven And and Hell]].
We actually did something really cool two nights ago. [Jensen Ackles] and I did the biggest stunt we've ever done - they built on [a soundstage] a two-story church and we were shooting this scene on the second floor and there were these big bay windows [filled with] candy glass. Jensen and I actually ran and jumped through the windows and smashed them and landed on a pad and it was like a twelve-foot drop. So before [it's] like your heart's beating and you're going, "I'm, no, no, I'm not scared. Whatever." And then it's time to do it. [Right] before, Jensen and I just looked at each other and we were like, [motions bumping fists] "Kick ass" and we went..</blockquote>
[[Image:JaredandJensen42.jpg|right|thumb|Behind the scenes on [[3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas]]]]
[[Image:Colin.jpg|right|thumb|Behind the scenes with wee Sam and Dean on [[3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas]]]]
'''October 28:''' Je t'aime.<br>
[ Jensen talks to a French magazine about life with Padalecki]:
'''October 19:''' [[Surprise JDM]]!!<br>
At Spike TVs Scream Awards, Jared talks about Supernatural and gropes his other boyfriend.- JDM
* [ Video]
* [ Picture gallery]
[[Image:Eye of the Tiger.jpg|thumb|right|Jensen plays some ass guitar]]
'''October 23:''' Eye of the Ackles.
At the end of [[4.06 Yellow Fever]] there was a "special presentation " - Jensen miming "Eye of the Tiger" [ in an unrehearsed outtake]. The man sure can play ass guitar!
'''October 25:''' [[Mean to Dean]]
[ Kripke releases a statement] following the airing of [[4.06 Yellow Fever]] - the only time (as of August 09) that [[Eric Kripke]] has ever responded to fan reaction to an episode. Kripke was concerned that in watching the episode, fans had got caught up in whether Dean had caught the [[Ghost Sickness]] because he was "dick" and missed the foreshadowing of his darker secret relating to what he did in Hell.
'''November 3:'''
[ New Promo pics].
[[Image:Season four promo pic.jpg|thumb|right|Season Four promo pic]].
'''November 9:'''
Ted Raimi who guest starred in [[4.08 Wishful Thinking]] fanboys the show:
Supernatural is -- my girlfriend turned me on to that, it's one of my all-time favorite shows. I actually gave Eric Kripke, the producer, a call and said, "Please, please, put me on your show!" [laughs] That's the only show I've ever done where I was running a fine line between being a fanboy and an actor. I was blown away! I was like, "Geez, I'm in the Chevy! I'm in the Chevy!!"</blockquote>
'''November 14:''' [[Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2008]]<br>
The boys do breakfast and Jensen talks about who takes longer to get ready in the morning:
*A vid of [ a lovely playful moment between the boys].
'''November 20''' The last episode for the year, [[4.10 Heaven And and Hell]] airs.
[[Image:3041848449 faa22e3cc9.jpg|thumb|right|Jared and Jensen in Chicago]]
Yeah, if we didn’t bond I think the show would have been canceled long ago. Um but we do bond and we have a great time and we have a tough schedule because it’s only of us. We’re working insane hours but on the flip side we watch out for each other and we’re there for each other and you know, we’re there like if he’s having a tough day I’ll kick him in the ass and tell him to bring it up and if I’m having a tough day he’ll you know slap me in the face and tell me to bring it up. It’s kinda nice, we’re both Texas boys that kind of are low key and like to get our work done and we like to have a good time.
We just have a great crew, I mean our crew who works on the show most of them I’d say over 90% of them have been with us since season one. Alot A lot of them have actually taken pay cuts to keep working on the show, because the show hasn’t been getting alot a lot of support from whoever are the powers that be and the American dollar took a big hit and so we kinda, not only did we not get a raise in the show we kind of effectively got our budget cut like 200 thousand dollars. So they had to cut alot a lot of salaries.</blockquote>[[Image:Jared4.jpg|thumb|right|Jared with rescue puppy Mika]] '''November 25''': [ Bob Singer gives a classic interview] - basically amounting to "No Comment!" 
'''December 7''':
'''December 24'''
[[Ghostfacers]] [ Christmas message to Supernatural fans]
*[[Supernatural Scrapbook Jan-June 2009]]

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