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You can't use Youtube as a reliable source. I'm sorry to put it in such abrupt terms. Although, I must agree with you, prophets do normally ascend to Heaven when their job is done.... However, it is my honest opinion that Chuck was briefly possessed by JC (Jesus Christ). -- '''[[User:GrammarKing|GrammarKing]]''', June 6th 2010
It's not confirmed whether Chuck was God, therefore all comments on the page explicitedly referring to Chuck as God should be removed.
Only two men of God were taken up to Heaven, Enoch and Elijah.
And according to most sects of christianity, Jesus IS God. By 'God' you're probably referring to 'God the Father', who is one of the three persons who make up God.[[User:Anonymius|Anonymius]] 11:53, 25 June 2010 (UTC)

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