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[[Category:Templates]]Use this template to create a footnote-style reference list in an article. The advantage to doing this using the Ref tag is that the wiki will take care of numbering and managing the references list, editors will not need to renumber an entire references list just to add one footnote mid-article.  == Four options for usage == === Option 1 (only specific/unique references) ===<pre>== Content == Lorem ipsum.<ref>season, episode, etc.</ref> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.<ref>season, episode, etc.</ref> == References == {{reflist}}</pre>This will create an uniquely numbered footnote at the end of each sentence, which will be a working link to the references list at the end of the article. The references themselves can also be links to other pages on the wiki, or even external pages.  === Option 2 (repeat references) ===<pre>== Content == Lorum ipsum.<ref>season, episode, etc.</ref> Lorum ipsum dolor sit amet.<ref name="five01">season, episode, etc.</ref> Lorum ipsum.<ref name"five01" /> == References == {{reflist}}</pre>This will make numbered footnotes at the end of each sentence, but the number for the second and third footnotes would be the same since they refer to the same source material. The advantage of doing this is less typing and therefore smaller page file size, especially when the reference is itself a link. Note that reference ''name'This is a work in progress!!''' Please do not use this template 'cannot''' be just an integer, ie. 501, it must start with an alphabetical character.  === Option 3 (only general references) ===<pre>== Content == Lorem ipsum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. == References == {{refbegin}}* general reference 1* general reference 2{{refend}}</pre>This makes a list of references at this time as it is not functionalthe end of the article, without any footnotes citing the references to specific text in the article.
== Usage ==
To add a footnote-style list of references use the following format:
=== Option 4 (both specific and general references) ===
== Content ==
Dean and Sam went on an adventureLorem ipsum.<ref>Seasonseason, Episodeepisode, etc.</ref> Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.<ref>season, episode, etc.</ref> Lorem ipsum. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.
== References ==
 {{Reflistreflist}} {{refbegin}}* general reference 1* general reference 2{{refend}}
This combines both general references with in-article footnoted references.
== Multiple columns ==
Using <tt><nowiki>{{reflist|2}}</nowiki></tt> will create a two-column reference list, and <tt><nowiki>{{reflist|3}}</nowiki></tt> will create a three-column list.
Using <tt><nowiki>{{reflist|colwidth=30em}}</nowiki></tt> will allow the browser to automatically choose the number of columns based on the width of the web browser. Choose a column width that's appropriate for the average width of the references on the page.
'''Note''': Multiple columns may not render properly in all browsers, as there are compatibility issues. Due to this please refrain from using columns, its listed here in the doc for the sake of comprehensiveness and possible future broad use.

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