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The Castiel Song: new section
I'm sorry, but I feel that an encyclopedia should stick to the facts and not portray information that aren't facts as facts. And As I had already explained in one of my earlier posts, Zachariah's true form is not wholely that of a seraph. It's a mixture of a seraph and a chayot.[[User:Anonymius|Anonymius]] 10:25, 26 June 2010 (UTC)
''as confirmed at VanCon timeline pretty much fits with actual time DESPITE the jump by a year in season6''
Fine, you explain the election sign in 7x01. Keeping in mind that the US only elects senators in even-numbered years. —[[User:EllieMurasaki|EllieMurasaki]] 01:10, 26 September 2011 (UTC)
I've updated the section about 7x02 here for the same reason I modified the article about the episode itself: we have no definitive evidence at this time that Castiel was destroyed. We saw him disappear under the water, and the characters are assuming his death/destruction, but there is no concrete basis for us to make the same assumption. Until it is confirmed by the Show runners, either in Show or in interviews, there is no reason to make statements on this wiki assuming facts not in evidence. Castiel's status is and should be listed as unknown. [[User:ladyeternal|ladyeternal]]
== The Castiel Song ==
I have noted that there are link for different Spn related fan songs/vids. I was on you tube when I ran across this one by lizsmartie13 it is The Castiel Song: and the lyrics are there as well. However I do not know how to add links and don't want to take a chance and mess anything up. Could someone please add this awesome some link. Thank you in advance!

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