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Dean and Bobby are confronted with one of many Leviathans that is occupying Castiel's vessel; however, [[Jimmy Novak]]'s body cannot contain them all. It is rapidly deteriorating and so, rather than finish them off, the Leviathans retreat. Dean and Bobby follow and find Sam, who is caught up in a hallucination involving Lucifer. Dean snaps Sam out of the hallucination, and the three of them follow the Leviathans, still occupying Castiel's vessel, to a nearby reservoir.
Castiel's vessel wades into the reservoir and, as they watch, instantly dissolves, creating a disappears beneath the surface. A vortex that then erupts outwards and spreads a black ooze throughout the waterwhich vanishes moments later. Bobby remarks that, now that they're in the pipes, the Leviathans will be able to travel anywhere. Dean finds [[Castiel's Trench Coat]] floating in the water, but nothing else there is seen no other sign of what may have happened to the angel's vesseland the hunters assume that he has been destroyed by the Leviathans. Dean takes the trench coat with him as they leave the resevoir.
Later Bobby tries to get to talk about how he is coping with Castiel's assumed death, along with everything else, but Dean refuses to talk.
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