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Castiel is an [[Angel|Angel of Heaven]], who manifested on Earth inside his [[Vessel]], [[Jimmy Novak]].
Many angels laid siege to [[Hell]] to rescue [[Dean]], but it was Castiel who ultimately pulled Dean out. According to Castiel, he did so "because God commanded it". His hand print was burned into Dean's left shoulder. It is later revealed that he was the one who raised [[Sam]]'s soulless body from [[Lucifer's Cage]].
After taking Castiel is amongst a group of angels who manifest on Earth to stop the breaking of the [[66 Seals]] which will release Lucifer and start the Apocalypse. Over time he develops an empathy for the Winchesters, in particular Dean. When he learns that [[Micahel]] actually intends for Lucifer to be released so he can kill him, Castiel tries to wanr Dean, but is punished. Ultimately he breaks allegiance with Heaven to side with humanity.  With Lucifer free, and Castiel cut off from Heaven's power, he decides to try and find the long absent God. When he learns God is not interested in intervening to stop the Apocalypse, he is devestated. He works to support the power efforts of Sam, Dean and Bobby in stoppping the millions battle between Michael and Lucifer. After Sam's sacrifice to defeat of souls in Lucifer, Castiel tries to rescue him from [[PurgatoryLucifer's Cage]], but fails to retreive Sam's soul. In an attempt to prevent Raphael from restarting the Apocalypse, Castiel declares himself the new is tempted into an alliance with [[GodCrowley]] - though . The demon offers to help find [[DeathPurgatory]] later calls him a which can provide them both with great power. His efforts mean Castiel becomes increasingly distanced from the Wincehster's as he hides his efforts from them. After taking in the souls of Purgatory, Castiel defeats Raphael. He claims that he is no longer an angel, but the new "mutated AngelGod". After smiting many people he considered to be doing evil in God's name, he blacks out and loses control of his vessel, and his powers, to [[Leviathans]] possessing him. Conceding to [[Dean]] and [[Sam]]'s wishes, Castiel attempts to return all the souls and entities inside him to Purgatory. Some  After the souls leave Castiel, he apologizes to Dean, and pledges to find some way of redeeming himself. His plans are cut short when the [[Leviathans hang ]] who managed to hold on inside of takes over his vessel; they forcefully take control . As the vessel rapidly begins deteriorating, the Leviathans march it into a reservoir, where it disintergrates, releasing them. Castiel's Tench Coat washes up ont he shore, and Dean tenderly retrieves it and state that Castiel is now deadtakes it with him.
Castiel has died twice and been resurrected: in [[5.01 Sympathy For The Devil]] after he was killed by [[Raphael]], and in [[5.22 Swan Song]] after he was killed by [[Lucifer]]. After he dies and comes back for a second time, Castiel states the he believes God brought him back "new and improved". He is able to heal others with a touch, as shown with Dean, and resurrect people at will, as shown with Bobby, and later implied in [[6.20 The Man Who Would Be King]]. He demonstrates [[telekinesis|pyrokinesis]] when he burns Crowley's bones.<ref name="six10">[[6.10 Caged Heat]]</ref> In [[6.19 Mommy Dearest]], Castiel shows the ability to incinerate lesser monsters, such as the [[vampire]] [[Lenore]], by touch. He also releases a blast of white light from his palms that instantly kills anything that sees it.
Castiel began a civil war in Heaven after the defeat of Lucifer to prevent Raphael from restarting the Apocalypse. After taking in the souls of [[Purgatory]], Castiel defeats Raphael. With the souls, he no longer is affected by an [[Angel Sword]]; he claims that he is no longer an angel, but the new "God". He sets about smiting his enemies and righting the wrongs he perceives, but he cannot keep the Purgatory creatures inside him at bay, and begins to deteriorate. He goes to Sam, Dean, and Bobby, who with help from [[Death]] rework the ritual to open Purgatory. The souls leave Castiel, and he collapses. He appears dead, but his vessel heals and he awakes. He apologizes to Dean, and pledges to find some way of redeeming himself. His plans are cut short when one (or some) of the creatures inside him ([[Leviathans]]) who managed to hold on takes over his body and declares that 'Cas' is dead.
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