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7.14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie

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Partial Synopsis
Sam is running from a deranged clown with red eyes when he finds an auto shop to hide in. He barricades the door, but the clown busts through and advances on him. He turns to run, but is stopped short by a second red-eyed clown grinning at him.
'''60 hours earlier:00:00 Earlier'''<br>
Dean answers a ringing pay phone with the code phrase "I am the egg man." It is [[Frank Devereaux]], and he reports that he doesn't have any leads on [[Dick Roman]] or what he's doing in the field in Wisconsin. Dean hangs up and asks Sam if they have anything on the [[Amazons]] who escaped them in the last episode. Sam says no, then tells Dean that he has a new case in Kansas. Dean agrees to take it and they head to Wichita in two separate cars.
Sam can see Kelly drawing on the sidewalk with chalk, so he goes up to her. She tells him that her mom is mad at her because of what she told the police: that she warned her dad that the monster would get him. Before she can say anything else, her mom calls her inside, and Sam sees what she's been drawing on the sidewalk: an octopus with vampire teeth.
Sam, confronted with two evil clowns, pulls out his gun and shoots one of them. Instead of seeing sprays of blood, however, he sees glitter explode from the clown's unmarked chest. While he stares in shock, one clown knocks the gun out of his hand and they both start wailing on him.
'''36:36:06 Earlier'''<br>
The next victim of weird circumstances is a man who seems to have been gored by a unicorn. When Dean questions the victim's widow, he learns that the man was also at ''Plucky Pennywhistle's'' the night he died. Not believing it to be a coincidence, he sends Sam to check out the location.

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