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|location= Hammonton, New Jersey
|occupation= Waiter, [[Zombie]]
|episodes=[[7.09 How to Win Friends And and Influence Monsters]]
Brandon is a waiter at a [[Biggerson's Restaurant]] in Hammonton, New Jersey
===[[7.09 How to Win Friends And and Influence Monsters]]===[[Brandon]] serves Bobby and the Winchester's Winchesters their lunch at Biggerson's with a side of attitude: "Sidewinder soup and salad combo goes to Big Bird. TDK Slammer to Ken Doll. And a little Heart Smart for Creepy Uncle." Following this he quits his job.
Later Brandon the waiter tries to attack a woman, but is captured. Behind the bizarre behavior is a [[Leviathan]] plot - [[Dr Gaines]] has synthesised a food additive which he has put into the turducken. It is very addictive, and consumption leads to weight gain, and dampens people's emotional responses until they are very apathetic. After cooking, the tainted turducken will revert back to the grey goo state. However in 0.03% of cases consumption results in "hyper-adrenalised cannibalism" causing people to turn into a zombie like state. These 'failures' are being collected at Dr gaines research facility, but when he learns that [[Dick Roman]] is on his way he orders them all, including Brandon, to be killed.
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