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5.18 Point of No Return
Zachariah is seen drinking at a bar and talking to a man named Stuart. He discusses his failure at work (consenting Sam and Dean)and his firing. Zachariah's boss, Michael, appears, burning out the eyes of Stuart and the bartender in doing so. He gives Zachariah one more chance to consent Dean; Zachariah is overjoyed to accept and leaves the bar singing "When the Saints Go Marching In". The plan involves resurrecting Sam and Dean's half-brother [[Adam Milligan|Adam]] to either act as Michael's vessel or force Dean's consent. Adam's resurrection is interrupted by Castiel, who brings Adam to the Winchesters and hides him from the angels.
Later, Zachariah appears to Adam in a dream talking about their plan and how he cannot trust the Winchesters. Adam gives up his location and disappears with Zachariah. Castiel leads Sam and Dean to the Green Room where Zachariah has hidden Adam. It is located in an abandon muffler factory in Van Nuys, California. While in the Green Room with Adam, Zachariah reveals the truth about why they brought back Adam and how they are expecting Dean to come and consent. Meanwhile, Castiel enters the factory and clears the way for Sam and Dean by killing one angel and banishing four others (along with himself). Sam and Dean enter the shed containing the Green Room and Zachariah overpowers them. Zachariah then tortures Sam and Adam until Dean says 'Yes'. Thrilled, Zachariah calls Michael to come down to his vessel, Dean. Dean then manipulates Zachariah, telling him that Michael cannot enter Dean's body unless he can guarantee the safety of his loved ones and until Zachariah is dead. Angry, Zachariah grabs hold of Dean, telling him "Michael's not going to kill me." However, Dean informs him that ''he '' will, pulls out a hidden [[Angel Killing Sword]] and stabs Zachariah through the chin and out the top of his head, killing him in an explosive burst of light that flings Dean into a wall. Zachariah's body is last seen leaning against a wall before the Green Room disappears, his body along with it.
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[[Image:Zachdead.png|300px|right|thumb|Zachariah lies dead in the Green Room.]]

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