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  • ...ster]]. Bobby grew up with an abusive [[Ed Singer|father]], who Bobby shot and killed when he was a child while protecting his [[Bobby's Mom|mother]]. Bob ...ciliation from 2008 until Rufus' death in 2011.<ref name="six16">[[6.16 ...And Then There Were None]]</ref>
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  • |outline= [[Dean]] and [[Sam]] investigate the murder of a college student who has come back from ...raise her from the dead, the boys visit him again. Dean becomes aggressive and upset with Dr. Mason, although he continues to deny Sam’s accusations tha
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  • ...on, is an annual fan-run convention which first took place in October 2006 and was the first Supernatural Convention to be held. The organisers described ...lumber party where we can all do the fannish things we do online in person and in our pajamas. No one from the show is affiliated with this convention, no
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  • ...l or possess a human being and cause them to behave strangely. Much mental and physical illness was attributed to this origin in the earlier eras. ...trol of an individual's body or of an object. Humans, animals, even places and objects alike are susceptible to these supernatural forces.
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  • |outline= [[Sam]] and [[Dean]] investigate the haunting on the set of a horror movie. ...l Hazers II: The Reckoning]]'', directed by [[McG]], a stagehand is killed and the star of the movie, [[Tara Benchley]], reports seeing an apparition near
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  • ...t MARY and DEAN. MARY sets DEAN down. DEAN leans over the side of the crib and kisses SAM on the forehead. MARY brushes SAM's hair back and kisses his forehead.
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  • Okay. We've got booze, we've got chocolate, and, wait for it... tortured emo rock. Guaranteed cure for any broken heart. <b Let's just chill out and think about this for a second, okay?<br><br>
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  • This table documents the deaths and associated violence brought upon characters in ''[[Supernatural]]''. ...ring the seasons [[:Category: Season 1|one]], [[:Category: Season 2|two]], and [[:Category: Season 3|three]], though occasionally a bystander is responsib
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  • ...ou think angry spirits are born? They can't let go and they can't move on. And you're about to become one. The same thing you hunt. ...aper]] [[Ajay]] that reapers collect spirits once their remains are burned and they are taken to what is supposed to be their final resting place. However
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  • So what do you say we kill some evil sons of bitches and we raise a little hell? You know what, I'm busting my ass trying to keep you alive, Dean! And you act like you couldn't care less.
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  • ..."#FFB6C1" width="25%">'''Light Pink'''<BR> [[:Category:Books|Tie-in Novels and other books]]. </td> <TD><p>[[1.13 Route 666]] - Sam said he dated Jessica for a year and a half.</p>
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  • Why? Huh? Because you're Sam Winchester, Mr. Big Hero? And yet here you are, slutting around with some demon. Real hero.<br> Tell me about those months without your brother. About all the things you and this demon bitch do in the dark.<br>
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  • ...1.21 Salvation]] and continued in [[2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two]] and [[3.16 No Rest for the Wicked]], before the start of the episode the song [ And why would an angel rescue me from Hell?
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  • |Episode= [[2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be]] So here's to Sam and his awesome LSAT victory.
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  • |Writer=[[Sera Gamble]]; story by [[Sera Gamble]] and [[Jenny Klein]] ...rror. He is a young man, but ages rapidly, skin wrinkling, hair going gray and falling out, eyes going white-blind. He stumbles backward into a cabinet, s
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  • A married couple (MOLLY and DAVID) are driving along a generic 2-lane blacktop at night. 'House of the Babe, it's just we've been on this road over an hour, and we haven't seen a single car.
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  • ...investigate a [[ghost]] that seems to be able to move across country lines and possess dummies. ...Hell]]. He recovers after a few minutes that feel like a week in his mind, and Dean is adamant that Sam take seriously the harm that remembering anything
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  • |Writer=[[Sera Gamble]] and [[Robert Singer]] (Dean goes to the back of the store and takes a series of steps up to an apartment)
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  • Ashley and Todd - they're dead! Wendy, they're dead! She hears movement behind her and stops crying. When she turns, she lets out a long, loud scream, that's sort
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  • MARY runs up the stairs and into SAM's nursery. JOHN watches the nursery burn, MARY with it.
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