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===Attack Dog Spell===
===Attack Dog Spell===
The attack dog spell is invoked with the latin words "Impetus bestiarum" and turns the object of the spell into an animalistic killer who can be directed to kill a particular individual. The spell will eventually kill the person it is cast on.
The attack dog spell is invoked with the Latin words "Impetus bestiarum" and turns the object of the spell into an animalistic killer who can be directed to kill a particular individual. The spell will eventually kill the person it is cast on.
Rowena uses the spell on a waiter and [[Elle]] in [[10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls]], and casts it on [[Castiel]] in roder to get him to kill Crowley after she removes the Mark from Dean and steals the [[Book of the Damned]] in [[10.23 Borther's Keeper]].
Rowena uses the spell on a waiter and [[Elle]] in [[10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls]], and casts it on [[Castiel]] in roder to get him to kill Crowley after she removes the Mark from Dean and steals the [[Book of the Damned]] in [[10.23 Brother's Keeper]].

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The act of summoning one or more spirits with a predetermined purpose. The conjurer performs some type of ritual to call upon the spirit and often times this include using certain magic symbols drawn on the floor and/or altar. The conjurer will usually perform this at a specific time; Depending on what they are conjuring it could be done at a specific time during the day/night or according to the alignment of the planets. Incense, candles and potions are commonly used coupled with a specific spell to summon a spirit.

Pad of Definitions (2.01 In My Time of Dying), Official Website

Summoning Spells


As seen with Trevor and Nora in 5.12 Swap Meat, summoning a demon requires a bowl of unknown herbs, set a top the Sigil of Baphomet, with candles placed on each point of the pentagram. Once the altar is set-up, an invocation in Latin must be spoken:

Attenrobendum eos,
ad ligandum eos,
potiter eos,
coram me.

Once completed, any demon who hears the invocation will manifest in the nearest vessel.

Trevor holding the demon summoning ritual.
The demon summoning ritual.


John summoning Azazel.

John Winchester uses a special summoning ritual to make contact with the demon Azazel in 2.01 In My Time of Dying. Some of the required ingredients for the ritual were: blood of the summoner, acacia, oil of Abramelin, six lit candles positioned on the Sigil of Azazel, and an Latin incantation:

Attenrobendum eos,
ad consiendrum,
ad ligandum eos,
potiter et solvendum,
et ad,
congregontum eos,
coram me.


Crowley is first summoned with this spell by Bobby in 6.04 Weekend at Bobby's. The ritual required a special sigil with six candles positioned on it, a bowl that contains unknown ingredients and the blood of the summoner. The ingredients must then be set aflame with this Latin incantation being recited:

Et ad congregandom, Eos coram me.

Sam and Dean go on to use a slightly different ritual that involves a different circular sigil and only three candles in 7.22 There Will Be Blood and 7.23 Survival of the Fittest, with the latter instance involving Crowley being held captive in a devil's trap by Dick Roman, delaying his arrival until he is set free.

Bobby summoning Crowley.
Sam and Dean summoning Crowley.
Dean summoning Crowley in the Bunker.

Dean and Sam each summon Crowley in the Season 9 finale 9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles?. Crowley actual appears next to Dean's body, ignoring Sam's summons and suggest that the spell is not something that compels Crowley to appear but something he can chose to answer or ignore.


Sam summons Ruby.

Sam uses a summoning ritual to call upon Ruby in 3.16 No Rest for the Wicked. This ritual bears many similarities with the ritual John used to summon Azazel. However, the Latin incantation Sam uses is slightly different from John's:

Ad construgendum,
ad ligandum eos,
pariter et solvendum.
et ad,
congregantum eos,
coram me.

The sigil Sam draws differs greatly from the one John used, depicting a circle within a single closed triangle, with three additional symbols drawn inside each triangle corner. The placement of the bowl of ingredients also changes; it is placed in the center of the circle. Only three lit candles are used and they are positioned on the tip of the triangle corners.


The raising of Samhain from the confines of Hell can only performed every 600 years. The ritual requires two witches to perform three blood sacrifices over three days, with the last one happening before midnight on the final day of the final harvest, which on the Celtic calendar is October 31st -- Halloween. Blood from the final sacrifice must then be collected in a chalice, where one of the witches will recite a Latin incantation at a black altar. Once done, the earth will crack allowing Samhain to take possession of a meatsuit.

Don Harding preparing the altar for the raising of Samhain.
Tracy Davis performing the ritual to raise Samhain.

Crossroads Demon

The standard method of summoning a crossroads demon is fairly simple. the ritual first requires the summoner to bury a box/container in the middle of a crossroads. The contents of the box must include graveyard dirt, a black cat bone, and a photograph of the person wishing to make a deal. Yarrow flowers being planted at the crossroads helps in the ritual, though appears to not be a necessary component. Sam recites this Latin incantation at a crossroads in 9.16 Blade Runners:

Daemon, esto subiecto voluntati meae.

Sam prepares to summon a crossroads demon.
Robert Johnson standing at the crossroads.

Exorcised Demon

This special demon summoning spell was found by Nora Havelock for Jeffrey after he kidnapped her son. It is very powerful in that it is possible to summon an exorcised demon, no matter how far in recesses of Hell it is located/imprisoned.

The spell requires a bowl of burning coals placed over a special sigil, then a smaller bowl with the heart of a dog is placed on top of the coals and the blood of the exorcist is poured over it as a Latin incantation is spoken:

Tae invoco apro fundus inferni,

Speaking the invocation will cause the earth in surrounding vicinity to violently shake, until the demon is able to manifest in a human body.

Text on the demon summoning ritual.
Jeffrey prepares the ritual.
Sam summons Balthazar.


Castiel summons the archangel Raphael through a simple ritual that must be performed at sunrise. According to Castiel, archangels and their vessels are tied together through what he calls "an open phone line," one only needs to get the vessel and recite an incantation in Enochian:

Raa gah io es,
Vin nonca aaspt poamal de z

A second more standard summoning ritual has been performed by Sam and/or Dean in 6.11 Appointment in Samarra, 6.17 My Heart Will Go On, and 6.21 Let It Bleed - all of which were done to summon Balthazar. This ritual did not require the recitation of an incantation, rather only: an Enochian sigil with candles strategically placed around it, and a bowl of unknown ingredients, that once set aflame would cause Balthazar to instantaneously manifest.


Death, having been locked away by God for hundreds of years is released by Lucifer in 5.10 Abandon All Hope... Lucifer performs the ritual to raise Death in Carthage, Missouri on William Jasper's Farm, which was the site of the Battle of Hellhole during the Civil War. The ritual required the deaths of all the women and children in the town, who were then buried in a mass grave on the farm. Their deaths were then followed by the sacrifice of the townsmen and the demons possessing them.

When Dean wishes to end his life in 10.23 Brother's Keeper, he performs a summoning ritual, much like the one he, Sam and Bobby used to summon and bind death in 7.01 Meet the New Boss.

Lucifer preparing the mass grave.
Demons sacrificing themselves to raise Death.
Dean summons Death.
Bobby and Rufus summoning Bobby's Reaper.


Dean has an out of body experience induced in 6.11 Appointment in Samarra, and summons the reaper Tessa by reciting this incantation:

Messorum evoco qui me tetigit.

While lying in a coma, dying and being pursued by a reaper, Bobby cooks up a plan to buy himself some time to wake up by trapping his reaper in his subconscious. Bobby and Rufus go about collecting the needed materials to summon the reaper, which includes: a crucifix, gold ore, hemlock, mace and blood, among other unknown ingredients. After painting a trapping sigil on the floor, the ingredients are set on fire as Bobby recites the phrase:

O theristis, kaleo se kai deo.

Which summons the reaper to his location and traps him.


Sam and Dean attempt to summon the spirit of Cole Griffith, who was the last person to die in Greybull, Wyoming and question him why people have stopped dying. Sam and Dean set-up at Cole's gravestone, setting up five candles -- arranged around a pentacle drawn on a cloth spread over the grave. Sam puts a bundle of sticks in the center of the pentacle, and pours a substance in a bowl. However, due to Alastair arriving, they were unable to complete the ritual.

Sam and Dean help Bela by performing a summoning ritual to bring forth the spirit of the Captain of the Espírito Santo, hoping that it will put the Sailor’s Ghost to rest. Sam sets-up a ritual circle, which includes: five candles placed on the points of a pentagram, a bowl into which he pours a jar of red liquid. Another jar is on the opposite side of the circle, with what appear to be herbs in it, and places something else into the center of the circle. Sam then begins recited in Latin:

Aziel, Castiel, Lamisniel, Rabam. Ehrley, et balam, ego vos conuro, per deum verum, per deum vivum. Cuivos cuiaves eos supermontes et per eum, qui adam, et avum formovit. Et per eum...

The Sailor's brother manifests, causing the Sailor's Ghost to finally confront his brother, and save Bela.

Bobby's summoning ritual.

Upon getting Crowley's human name from a captured crossroads demon, Bobby has Rufus dig up information on Crowley's life as a human. Upon learning Crowley had a son, he decides to summon the ghost of Gavin MacLeod to learn all of Crowley's secrets. The ritual involved placing a signet ring that belonged to Gavin on a mat adorned with various sigils and candles placed at its four corners, within a ring of salt. Bobby then recites a Latin incantation, before throwing a powder into a candle, causing the flame to flare high:

Amate spiritus oscorte tae quadaramos aramos nobiscume quarde ahpule nos chikitara.


Summoning the goddess Veritas requires three objects; a cat's skull, grains of paradise seed and devil's shoestring. Once done, Veritas will cause the summoner to receive the truth from anyone the summoner comes into contact with, until it becomes so unbearable the summoner kills themselves, allowing Veritas to collect her tribute. Once Veritas is summoned, a person in her vicinity will only have to ask aloud for the truth to invoke her, thus becoming unwilling tributes to her in the process.

Ingredients for summoning Veritas.
Sam and Jody Mills summon Chronos.

Chronos, the god of time can be summoned through an unknown ritual, of which the only known element requires the summoner, if need be, to write the specific time they want to summon Chronos from in their blood and set it aflame with the other ingredients. An incantation must also be recited as the ingredients are lite on fire:

O Krone, parakaloumen se, thespizein hemin hronon ton mellonta.

If done correctly, Chronos should appear before the summoner and tell them their future.

The summoning ritual for Zeus requires but two ingredients, first frozen energy from the hand of Zeus, also known as fulgurite and the bone of a worshiper. An ancient Greek hunter by the name of Drakopoulos was the first to discover how to summon, trap and kill Zeus, though ultimately failed at his task.

Dean summoning Zeus.
The sigil for trapping Zeus.

Flying Monkeys

The Wicked Witch of the West uses a summoning ritual to call forth her army of flying monkeys from Oz to Earth once she has gotten a hole of the key to Oz. The ingredients for the spell are unknown, but once they are properly mixed together inside of a cauldron and red smoke beings to spill out from it, apparently acting as a beacon to her army of flying monkeys.

Flying monkeys being summoned.

Weaponized Spells

Demon Killing Spell

While demons are laying siege to the police station in 3.12 Jus in Bello, Ruby reveals that she knows a spell that will vaporize all demons within a one-mile radius, herself included. The only revealed ingredient called for a person of virtue (a virgin) to have their heart cut out of their chest. Due to the protestations of Dean and Victor Henriksen, the spell wasn't performed.

Kevin using the demon bomb.

Demon Bomb

The demon bomb is a powerful spell that is inscribed on the demon tablet for the defense of mankind, its effects are deadly to both demon and host. The spell was discovered by Kevin Tran, after being kidnapped by Crowley and forced to translate the newly discovered demon tablet. Three of the known ingredients needed for the demon bomb include: West Bank witch hazel, the skull of an Egyptian calf, the tail of a newt that according to Kevin, may or may not be extinct. Once properly mixed, the spell will release shock wave blasting and immolating any demons within it's radius, rendering the bodies nothing but scorch marks on a wall.

Due to the rare quality of ingredients, use of this spell is very difficult, as only demons or angels seem to be able to procure the needed materials.

The witch killing spell used against Spencer.

Witch Killing Spell

The first usage of the witch killing spell was in 7.05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil, Bobby supplies Sam and Dean, with a list of ingredients, of which the only known was chicken feet. Sam and Dean attempt to use the spell to put a stop to Don and Maggie Stark, once the Starks were in the same room the contents of the bowl were lite aflame as Sam recited the incantation:

Furor divina virtute in infernum eam detrude.

However due to the chicken feet being rotten, the spell was ineffective against the Starks.

A second variation of the spell was used in 8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits, like the prior spell it's exact contents are unknown other than chicken feet, however this version of the spell takes a liquid form. When James Frampton confronts the witch Spencer, and engages him in a fight Sam and Dean arrive and use the spell like a Molotov cocktail, Sam lights the bottle while reciting an invocation in Latin:

Ego voco impetu delere,
vos caelum et infernum.

A smoke then envelops Spencer causing his body to disintegrate.

Ingredients for the witch killing spell.
Ingredients for the witch killing spell.

Spontaneous Combustion

This spell is a directed attack, where the target will burn from the inside until only ashes remain. This spell was used by Thule Society member Torvald to kill Rabbi Bass.

Defigere Et Depurgare

Defigere Et Depurgare, or it is known in its English translation "To bind and purge" -- is a spell created by Rowena in the 18th century that causes demons to liquefy and get coughed up out of their meatsuit. All that is need to enact the spell is for a demon to possess a hex bag with the ingredients in it, it appears that the spell binds the demon to its meatsuit to keep from escaping as it begins to liquefy the smoke into a sludge like substance as it gets purged from the host body. The spell was only practiced by Rowena and before she used it to kill Raul, wasn't seen since the 18th century.

Crowley is the only known demon to have been able to survive and break free of the spell.

Impetus Bestiarum

Impetus bestiarum (attacks of beasts), or as Rowena refereed to it -- "attack dog spell", is a spell wherein the witch places a hex bag in the hands of someone and recites "impetus bestiarum" causing the person to take on aggressive animal attributes.

Rowena attempting a spell on Dean Winchester.

Gaelic Spell

Rowena performs a Gaelic spell in an attempt to kill Dean Winchester. To perform the spell, Rowena first painted various sigils on her body (possibly with blood), and when she was prepared to attack recited this Gaelic incantation:

A spioradí an tsaoil, éistigí liom! Dóighigí an fear seo! Dóighigí go luaithreach é!

Which caused a blinding light to emitted from the sigils painted on her body, however the spell was ineffective since Dean bears the Mark of Cain.

Binding Spells

The binding spell for Death.


Death has been bound twice during the course of the series, first by Lucifer and then the Winchesters and Bobby Singer. The method for which Lucifer was able to bind Death is unknown, but it is assumed it was the same spell Sam, Dean and Bobby used. According to Crowley, binding Death requires a tremendous amount of power, and thus found the idea delusional. However he reluctantly agrees to hand over the spell to the Sam, Dean and Bobby.

The ritual itself required various common and easy to find materials, as well as an act of God crystallized forever (fulgurite). The ingredients must be mixed with blood in a bowl, which has been placed atop a special summoning sigil. An invocation in Latin must then be recited:

Te nunc invocomortem,
te in mea potestate defixi,
nunc et in aeternum!

Once done, Death will materialize and be bound to the will of the summoner(s).

The summoning altar for Death.
Death bound.


Binding a reaper requires tapping into very dark and powerful magic. To bind a reaper, you must first build a black altar, which must be adorned with bones, human blood and a Coptic cross. Getting the reaper to do the summoner's bidding (i.e. kill) also requires a photo of the intended victim, with their face crossed out placed on the altar and for the summoner to recite a Latin incantation while holding a coptic cross filled with blood. If the altar and cross are destroyed the reaper will be released from his binding.

Sue-Ann Le Grange's black altar.
Pages from the reaper binding spell.
Pages from the reaper binding spell.
The talisman Walter Dixon used to control his ghosts.


In 2.18 Hollywood Babylon, Walter Dixon uses old Enochian summoning rituals to summon ghosts on the set of Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning, and through the use of a talisman he is able to control the spirits, forcing them to kill for him. However once the talisman was destroyed the ghosts quickly turned on Walter and brutally killed, as they did not like being used to kill.


This unknown spell was used by Gerry to bind the fairy Gilda to his will. The exact ritual is unknown, other than it came from a book of spells that Gerry was able to purchase on eBay, under this spell Gilda was unable to break free or harm her "master" Gerry. THe only way to break the spell is to destroy or damage the book of spells in it located in.

The book of spells.
the destroyed book.

Dorothy Baum

Dorothy uses a binding spell that that connects her soul to the Wicked Witch of the West, allowing her trap herself and the witch in a bottle.

Other Spells

Terrakinesis Spell

Meg (possessing Sam), uses this spell when she is trapped in a devil's trap cause a break in it in 2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign. The spell requires a simple recitation of Latin.

Spiritus in mundus un glorum suarum umitite palatum iram domine...

Bobby performing a tracking spell to locate Lilith.

Tracking Spells

Tracking spells are used to locate the whereabouts of a specific target. The first instance of a tracking spell being used on Supernatural came from Bobby Singer. When Sam and Dean needed to find the location of Lilith, to stop her from collecting on Dean's crossroads deal, they seek the help of Bobby, who performs a tracking spell to suss out Lilith's location. Bobby's spell used a special pendulum that was placed over a map, according to him with the right name and right ritual, he could pin point the exact street Lilith is located on. Once the pendulum starts swinging an incantation must be spoken:

Ruby uses a location spell in 4.16 On the Head of a Pin, when Sam asks her to track down where the angels have taken Dean to torture Alastair. For the spell, Ruby simply recites a Latin incantation, and sets a map on fire, the flames incinerate the entire leaving only Dean's location uncharred.

Castiel uses a location spell in 5.13 The Song Remains the Same, in order to track the angel Anna's whereabouts. The spell requires unspecified herbs mixed in a bowl that is set atop a sigil, oil is then poured into the bowl and an Enochian incantation is recited:

Zod ah ma ra la ee est la gi ro sa.

Once done a red flame bursts from the bowl, and Castiel is able to ascertain Anna's location.

Sigil for the location spell.
Castiel performs the location spell.

This spell was discovered by Tara during her years hunting for the First Blade, she was able to collect all the ingredients needed except one — essence of Kraken, for which Crowley had a warehouse full of in Belize. Once the ingredients were mixed together, the liquid is poured over a map and then lite aflame, the fire consumes the map leaving only the general location of the First Blade remaining.

Ingredients for the location spell.
Dean, Tara and Crowley perform the location spell.

While trying to locate the angel Gadreel, Castiel finds notes in the Men of Letters library by James Haggerty titled "On the Inner Workings of Angels." In the notes, it is learned that angels leave a small amount of grace in their vessels upon leaving them, it is theorized if the grace can be extracted, it can be used in a tracking spell to track down the angel. To extract the grace, a needle must be stuck in the former vessel, the extraction process is very painful, and nearly killed Sam before Castiel put a stop to it, and healed him, destroying what grace remained in Sam's body.

To perform the spell, the grace must be mixed in a bowl with other unknown ingredients, however the amount extracted from Sam was not enough to use in the spell.

Body Swapping Spell

The body swapping spell was used by Gary in 5.12 Swap Meat. When Gary, Trevor and Nora were messing around with dark forces they learn of the bounty that Hell has put on Dean Winchester's head, and when Gary spots Sam and Dean, he comes up with the idea of using a body swapping spell as means to get close to Dean and kill him for the bounty. The details of the spell were not revealed in the episode.

Death Transference Spell

A death transference spell was used by Charlie in 4.12 Criss Angel Is a Douchebag. The spell required the placement of a hexed tarot card on the intended victim, any harm that would come to Vernon as he performed dangerous/deadly escape tricks -- the damage would be wrought on the person in possession of the tarot card.

The 66 Seals

De-aging Spell

The witch Patrick recites a Gaelic incantation over poker chips which causes them to become set aflame. Once done, whatever a person bets with the chips, they will lose or gain years to their life.

Lannraich gu dealrach a-nis. Las suas agus cuir ás an teine. Mar sin bitheadh.

Reversal Spell

Lia gives Bobby and Dean a reversal spell which if done right will reverse all of Patrick's magic, and revert everyone still living back to the their rightful ages. The only revealed ingredients for the spell included the jawbone of a murderer and DNA of the witch. The ingredients must be placed in a bowl and set aflame while a Gaelic incantation is recited.

Airmidh mi air maponus, dia— na hogalachd. Gairmidh mi air sucellus, dia na time.
Till an-dràsda obair uile gu bheilair a bhith deànta. Mar sin bitheadh.

However the spell did not work in 5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester, as the tooth pick they procured from Patrick never crossed his lips.

Alternate Universe Spell

In 6.15 The French Mistake, Balthazar uses a spell to temporarily send Sam and Dean into an alternate dimension, as means of distracting Raphael and allowing him to move his cache of Heavenly weapons to Castiel. In this spell, Balthazar uses Dead Sea brine, lamb's blood and the bones of a lesser saint, the ingredients are mixed together in a bowel and sigil drawn on a window. To travel to another universe, the participants must jump through the window, which transports them to their destination.

Balthazar draws the sigil on a window.
The sigil glows, signaling the arrival of the angel Virgil.
The dragons open a door to Purgatory.

Opening Purgatory

There appears to be three rituals to open the door to Purgatory, the first was performed by H.P. Lovecraft on March 10, 1937 at a dinner party. The specific ritual is unknown.

The second ritual was performed by dragons as means to bring Eve, the Mother of All Monsters to Earth. This ritual came from an ancient manuscript, it required a virgin sacrifice to serve as an Earthly vessel for Eve, the blood of the summoner and an incantation in Latin:

Ego coniuro vos,
insolubiliter ad mei potenciam aligati,
Ad me... sine prestolacione venire,
Debeatis aperiat,
Huc sine mora debeas mater!

Once the first line of the incantation is spoken, a doorway to Purgatory will open, at which point the blood of the summoner must be bled into it, and the virgin sacrifice thrown into the portal.

Castiel stands at the door to Purgatory.

The third ritual was acquired by Castiel and Crowley through the torture of Eleanor Visyak. This ritual required a special sigil painted in the blood of a virgin and a native of Purgatory, the final part of the ritual requires a Latin incantation to be recited on the night of a lunar eclipse:

Ianua Magna Purgatorii
Clausa Est Ob Nos
Lumine Eius Ab Oculis
Nostris Retento

Sed Nunc Stamus Ad Limen Huius
Ianuae Magnae Et Demisse
Fideliter Perhonorifice
Paramus Aperire Eam

Creaturae Terrificae Quarum Ungulae
Et Dentes Nunquam Tetigerunt
Carnem Humanam Aperit Fauces
Eius Ad Mundum Nostrum Nunc
Ianua Magna
Aperta Tandem!

Soul Absorption Spell

The soul absorption spell is ritual in which a living human can absorb another persons soul into there body. The ritual requires both parties to cut their arms and hold the wounds against each other as the living person recites this Latin phrase:

Conjuncti sumus, unum sumus.

Once done, the soul will be sucked into the arm of the living human.

Benny's soul being absorbed into Dean's arm.
Bobby's soul being absorbed into Sam's arm.

Restoration Ritual

The restoration ritual was used by Dean in order to resurrect the vampire Benny Lafitte, after escaping from Purgatory. Once on Earth, Dean carried Benny's soul in his arm until he located Benny's grave; once Benny's remains were dug up, the ritual performed wherein Dean proceed to release Benny's soul by slicing his arm and letting the soul "bleed" onto the corpse while rciting this Latin in cantation:

Anima corpori. Fuerit corpus totem resurgent

Once done, the resurrection is instantaneous.

Dean releasing Benny's soul.
Benny's remains.

The demon Jason performs a similar ritual in 9.02 Devil May Care. He places the charred corpse of Josie Sands in a bathtub in a room adorned with blood drawn sigils, he then bleeds on the corpse which causes the bathtub to emit an intense white light. At which point Abaddon retakes possession of the body.

The restoration ritual is initiated.

Cloaking Spell

A cloaking spell was used by Commandant Eckhart in 1944 in Vitsyebsk, Belarus -- during an attack by a Golem sent by the Judah Initiative. The spell requires a mixture of blood, unknown herbs, with the caster reciting a Latin incantation, while holding a black candle and dripping its candle wax into the bowl. The translated Latin from the episode:

Cloaking flame, I ignite you.
The fire born from blood leaves behind no man.
Now vanish me into the night.
O fire of power and concealment.

The final part of the spell requires the caster to set the bowl aflame, which causes the person vanish as flames consume the area.

Eckhart performing the cloaking spell.
Aftermath of the cloaking spell.
The angels being expelled from Heaven.

Angel Expulsion Spell

The angel expulsion spell, was a spell performed by Metatron to expel all the angels from Heaven. Metatron tricked Castiel into helping him gather the needed ingredients under the ruse of performing the trials from the angel tablet and locking Heaven down to try and bring peace to all the warring factions. The spell was so well hidden within the angel tablet that not even the prophet Kevin Tran was able to decipher it without translating it into a proto-Elamite cuneiform, which required Crowley's assistance in translating.

The spell required three specific ingredients that are tied to angels. The first ingredient was to kill and remove the heart of a Nephilim, the second ingredient required the bow of a Cupid, for which the cherub Gail gave up to Dean and Castiel without incident, the third and final ingredient was an angel's grace. According to Crowley's translation of the proto-Elamite cuneiform the next phase required Metatron to "mix until the smoke shall rise from the ashes casting the angels from Heaven," and that the spell was irreversible. Completion of the spell quickly caused all the angels to be ejected from Heaven, included the imprisoned ones. Many angels were killed in the fall, and left the others injured and weakened.

Death of a Nephilim.
A Cupid's bow.
An angel's grace.

Inuit Spell

This spell was found by Kevin Tran in the Men of Letters archive, the spell allows for a human to link minds with any animals allowing communication between the two species. The exact contents of the spell are unknown, other than a strand of fur from the animal the human wishes to link with. Once drunk an incantation was be spoken:

Deila hér me. Dag eru nou rar vitur orum.

Enacting the spell comes with the side effect of the human exhibiting various characteristics of the animal it has linked minds with.

Cuthbert Sinclair

Cuthbert Sinclair, or Magnus was named Master of Spells soon after his initiation into the Men of Letters. He was expelled from the organization in 1956, 57 years later Sam and Dean are able to track him down to an invisible fortress in the middle of nowhere. He would go on to use a variety of spells on both the Winchesters during there meet. One spell involved teleporitng Sam out of the mansion by throwing an unknown powder at Sam while reciting the words:

Abi, ab oculis meis!

He would then go on to use a Chinese spell that would cause Dean's machete to heat up in his hand, once again using an unknown powder and reciting the words:

Shen ti R áN Shao!

Magnus also employed a type of mind control that he used on his collection monsters in his "zoo" to do his bidding, the effects of the spell causes all will and thought to be drained from the individual. He also used this spell on Dean in order to get him to take hold of the First Blade:

Mentem tuam ac voluntatem adsumo.

Attack Dog Spell

The attack dog spell is invoked with the Latin words "Impetus bestiarum" and turns the object of the spell into an animalistic killer who can be directed to kill a particular individual. The spell will eventually kill the person it is cast on.

Rowena uses the spell on a waiter and Elle in 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls, and casts it on Castiel in roder to get him to kill Crowley after she removes the Mark from Dean and steals the Book of the Damned in 10.23 Brother's Keeper.


Famulatus (Servitude) is a servitude spell, first seen in 10.07 Girls, Girls, Girls. To enact it one must place a hex bag with unknown ingredients in the palm of the intended servant to be's hand, and say "famulatus." The person will then become a servant to whomever placed the spell on them.

Wings of Titania

Rowena uses this spell as a means to spy on her son Crowley's meeting with the Winchesters. The spell uses an unknown mixture of ingredients placed in a bowl, and requires a structure made of small bones to be erected in the bowl, draped in an object belonging to the person who is to be located/spied on. Once set up, an invocation must be spoken:

Wings of Titania, bear mine eyes aloft as I bid thee.

Once done, the spell caster will appear to have an out of body experience, taking them to their intended target.

Rowena preparing her spell.
Rowena having an out of body experience.

Rune of Amaranth

The Rune of Amaranth is an illusion spell first cultivated in the 18th-century. When the Winchesters and Castiel plan to use the young boy, Austin, as bait to lure and trap Cain. Crowley arrives with the First Blade, but refuses to give it to Dean until Cain is trapped, which leads him to perform the Rune of Amaranth spell to make sure Cain isn't able to kill Austin until he is put in a devil's trap.

The Rune of Amaranth
Cain destroys the illusion.

Repelling Spell

A simple spell used by Rowena when her son Crowley angered her. As she is storming out of his throne room, she simply says the word "Abite" (get or go away), and throws her hands to the side, which causes the destruction of any objects in her periphery.

Cabirian Invocation

In order for Sam to bypass the Werther Box's security measure, he seeks advice from Rowena in how to break the enchantment spell. Rowena suggests the Cabirian invocation -- an all purpose disenchantment, with easy to obtain ingredients. According to Rowena, the spell is not recommended for amateurs, as it has a tendency to fizzle out. The spell requires an unspecified flower to be mixed with unspecified powders in a bowel and set aflame, with this Romanian incantation spoken over it:

Purificare la magia.

However, due to the flame burning out before Sam could recite the Latin, the Cabirian invocation was ineffective in counteracting the Werther Box's defense mechanism.

Removing the Mark of Cain

The Mark of Cain is the first curse, to remove it would mean releasing the Darkness, for which the Mark was created to keep locked away. To remove the Mark, the spell requires three ingredients: Something made by God, but forbidden to man (the forbidden fruit), something made by man, but forbidden by God (the golden calf), and finally the person performing the spell must kill someone they love and sacrifice their blood.

Mix the ingredients and recite the following Latin incantation:

Ab manu dei. Ab manu hominis.

Ab cruore cordis Mei adfusuro in aeternum.

Tolle maledictionem tuam ab hoc viro.

If done correctly a bolt of red lightning will strike the arm of the holder of the Mark of Cain and remove it.

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