Spring-heeled Jack

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Spring-heeled Jack

An urban legend originating in England during the 1800s, the Spring-heeled Jack was said to have clawed hands and eyes of fire. His legendary status gained popularity between 1850 and 1880 as people became fascinated with his abilities to perform daring leaps and breathe blue and white flames of fire.

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1.15 The Benders

When Sam and Dean begin looking into the disappearance of Alvin Jenkins, Dean begins to question if it is one of their type of "gigs." Sam goes on to tell him that John had marked the area as a possible hunting ground for a phantom attacker, due to the county they are in having the highest missing persons per capita in the state. Still somewhat skeptical, Dean questions this idea by pointing out phantom attackers take people from their beds, while Jenkins was taken from a parking lot. Sam goes on to correct Dean by telling him there are different types of attackers, mention Spring-heeled Jacks among the types.


In Supernatural: Origins #3, a hunter named Ichi is hunting a Spring-heeled Jack, and allows the nameless Hunter and John to tag along with him, so John can gain some hands on experience on a hunt. The trio are able to track down the "heeler" and is believed to have been killed by Ichi. However, it soon revealed that the "heeler" was in fact a shapeshifter, that had taken on the form of a Spring-heeled Jack. When Ichi chased after it after it was injured, the shifter killed Ichi and assumed his form.

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