Stella Walker

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Stella Walker is the oldest child of Cordell Walker and her late mother Emily Walker. Like her father, Stella is grieving with the loss of her mother. Stella is a teenager and is dealing with it the best she can. She is struggling with her relationship with her father as he left to go undercover after Emily died and was not able to be a comfort and support for her. Stella is close to her grandparents Bonham Walker and Abeline Walker but especially her uncle,Liam Walker. She cares about her brother as well, August Walker. Stella is dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions. Stella has gotten herself into some trouble early and she is trying to fix that. Stella is trying her best to find her own way. Just like her mother, she loves soccer. She is connecting with this sport to be closer to her mother and to also share something with her father. Stella is learning that not everyone is treated fairly in the world. Stella wants to help in anyway she can and she is a fighter and will stand up for what she believes in.