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Full name: Steve Carlson
Born: August 6, 1975, Los Angeles

Steve Carlson is a musician. He is a friend of Jensen Ackles, who has sung back-up vocals on songs on Steve’s C.D.s.


Steve grew up in Los Angeles, and started playing music at an early age. He spent two years living and playing in Maui, before moving back to L.A.

In 1998, with musician Christian Kane he formed KANE, a country/rock band which has released two albums, and has had success both in L.A. and abroad.

He has recorded with KANE, as well as self-releasing two solo album, and one album (+ a X-mas special) with The Steve Carlson Band, which he formed in 2004.


  • Steve Carlson - Spot in the Corner
  • The Steve Carlson Band - Rollin' On
  • The Steve Carlson Band - An Auld School Christmas
  • Steve Carlson - Groovin' on the Inside
  • Steve Carlson - Stripped Down

All of Steve's CD can be bought at CD Baby who ships worldwide for minimal costs and at almost obscene speed.

Jensen Ackles singing and co-writing

Jensen sang harmonies on "Come around more Alabama" (Spot in the Corner),
as well as backing vocals on "Hummingbird Billy", "Rocking Chair" and "Wasted Jamie" (Rollin' On). Jason Manns, another friend of both, supported Jensen's backing vocals on "Rollin' On".

He helped co-write two songs on Steve's April 2008 record, "Stripped Down", namely "Where my River flows" and "Love you or leave you".

Jensen has recorded on Steve Carlson's new album "Sharing the Covers" due for release in September 2012. You can listen to a sample of Jensen singing "Angeles" here. The album is available for here.

On November 8th 2019, Jensen and Steve, performing as Radio Company released their first album "Volume #1". A song from the album "Sounds of Someday" was used in 15.04 Atomic Monsters which Jensen also directed.

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