Steven Shoemaker

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Steven shoemaker.jpg
Name Steven Shoemaker
Actor Duncan Minett
Dates 1959 – 2005 (killed by Bloody Mary)
Location Toledo, Ohio
Episode(s) 1.05 Bloody Mary


Steven was the father of Lily Shoemaker and Donna Shoemaker.


1.05 Bloody Mary

During a sleep over, Steven's daughter Lily is dared by a friend to say "Bloody Mary" in the bathroom mirror three times. As Steven heads up stairs, he passes mirrors, all of which contain Mary Worthington aka Bloody Mary. Steven goes to the bathroom and takes some pills out of the medicine cabinet and closes the cabinet, revealing another mirror. He pops the pills in his mouth, then looks closer at the mirror, noticing some scratches under his eye.

As Steven's other daughter Donna arrives home, and heads upstairs she sees a pool of blood coming from under the bathroom door, she stops, then starts forward more slowly. She hesitantly pushes open the bathroom door, revealing a great deal more blood, and screams in horror at the sight of her father bleeding from his eyes.