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The Supernatural Wiki is an information resource that records the details of the CW TV series, Supernatural, and of the fan community that has grown around it.

The ‘wiki’ model of the site (which you may be familiar with through using sites such as Wikipedia) allows any visitor to contribute their own knowledge of the show and the fandom. The multi-authored nature of the site means that the information held within is both vastly extensive and intensely detailed.

The aim of the site is to provide an exhaustive collection of information as possible. This means it’s a great reference tool for finding out general information as well as minutiae, and in addition often serves as a portal to other resources and communities Supernatural fans will find of interest.

Support the Super-wiki

The Super-wiki and its domain, is hosted by Hope, who also runs (the Super-wiki's original home) a non-profit, multi-fandom hosting domain.

Aside from time and energy commitments, there are also financial costs involved in running a website. If you make good use of Super-wiki and would like to help out by contributing directly to the financial costs of running it you can contribute to an Indiegogo campaign until 18 May 2018.

Donations go through Dreamhost, the hosting provider of the Super-wiki, and thus directly to supporting the website.

Thank you!

Mission & Purpose

The goal of Super-wiki is to provide an extensive information resource and compendium of fan knowledge, including not only the documentation of canonical information but the documentation of the Supernatural fandom.

In mind of this, the Supernatural Wiki is built on software that allows any visitor to sign up with a unique username and contribute their own knowledge.

The multi-authored nature of this model is considered central to the ideals the Supernatural Wiki is based on – recognising the value of fan knowledge, experience and production by providing an environment within which fans can document, share and research both their own experiences, community, and the show around which the community is based.

This multi-authored model is also key to ensuring the information contained within is as extensive and unbiased as possible. In order for the Supernatural Wiki to function reliably as such a resource, the free-for-all dynamic of multiple authoring needs to be tempered with an attitude that recognises the validity of each fan's opinions, beliefs and interpretations.

The Mission in Action

The Administration Team does not moderate contributions, but constantly monitors to ensure these ideals are adhered to. This may include re-phrasing contentious, offensive or opinionated text, seeking out and providing citation or credit where possible, and working to ensure the contribution is relevant enough for inclusion.

Where possible, the team enjoys working directly with the contributor to integrate their work, to ensure an even-handed approach.


Super-wiki was initially established in June 2006 as "Super-canon". Super-canon was built as a simple website model with a single author who had done the transcription and analysis work solo. As the resource expanded to include information collected by other fans as well, it was decided that the site would better function as a wiki.

In August 2006 it was converted into a wiki format, which not only allowed better organisation of the rapidly proliferating information, but opened up the field for any fan to contribute their knowledge.

Hope, the fan who started Super-canon, teamed up with fellow-fan Leandra to establish a solid base of pages in the wiki to get it rolling. Lea & Hope also decided to expand the scope of the wiki to encompass the Supernatural fandom as well.

The wiki continued to grow at a rapid rate, attracting more attention, visitors and contributors. Mid-2007, Hope recruited some more of the key contributors to the wiki, Jules and Vanae, to form an Admin Team to better ensure the wiki functioned as effectively as possible.

Shortly after the team was formed, an overhaul of the wiki took place, resulting in a more unique URL-; a name to match – Supernatural Wiki (while maintaining the Super-wiki nickname); and behind the scenes, a more structured organisation of the information contained within.

In September 2009, at the start of Season 5, the Super-Wiki got a new look and a new layout, celebrating more than 1.000.0000 page hits, 2.000 contributing users and 22.000+ edits.

In November 2011 the site is averaging over 340,000 hits a month and we have over 20,000 followers on @SuperWiki. We were honored in April 2011 to win the SFX Best franchise Specific website award, beating out, The One Ring, Leaky Cauldron, Life, Doctor Who And Combom, and WhoFix. [1]

SFX Magazine described us as "The most comprehensive Supernatural site on the web, established in 2006, Supernatural Wiki is a well laid-out, intelligently designed, easy to navigate Aladdin’s cave of Winchester goodness."


The Supernatural Wiki admin team monitors changes and additions made to the wiki, actively seek out new content, work on general maintenance to ensure effective operation & develop the technical aspects of the wiki.

The admin team consists of four Supernatural fans, which you can find out more about by clicking on their names below:

  • Jules (Missyjack) - Administrator – oversees editors contributions and site organization, content maintenance and accuracy. She also runs the Super Wiki twitter and Tumblr
  • Hope (Angstslashhope) – Founder – Hope's primary activities on the Super-wiki concerns the technical aspects - making sure the software is up-to-date and running smoothly, seeking out and installing extensions, ensuring site statistics are collected accurately. She also spends time working on streamlining the organisation and design of the Super-wiki.

Previous Admin team members

  • Leandra – Monitors changes, seeks out & fosters development of material specific to the Supernatural fandom’s history, meta and academia.
  • Vanae – monitors changes, ensures accuracy & extensiveness of information in new pages in the canon & production categories.
  • Esther - is in the details, checking links, smoothing out typos and double-checking citations.

To contact the Admin team, see Super-wiki:Contact.