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The Supernatural Wiki admin team monitors changes and additions made to the wiki, actively seek out new content, work on general maintenance to ensure effective operation & develop the technical aspects of the wiki.

The admin team consists of four Supernatural fans, which you can find out more about by clicking on their names below:

  • Jules (Missyjack) - Administrator – oversees editors contributions and site organization, content maintenance and accuracy. She also runs the Super Wiki twitter and Tumblr
  • Hope (Angstslashhope) – Founder – Hope's primary activities on the Super-wiki concerns the technical aspects - making sure the software is up-to-date and running smoothly, seeking out and installing extensions, ensuring site statistics are collected accurately. She also spends time working on streamlining the organisation and design of the Super-wiki.

Previous Admin team members

  • Leandra – Monitors changes, seeks out & fosters development of material specific to the Supernatural fandom’s history, meta and academia.
  • Vanae – monitors changes, ensures accuracy & extensiveness of information in new pages in the canon & production categories.
  • Esther - is in the details, checking links, smoothing out typos and double-checking citations.

To contact the Admin team, see Super-wiki:Contact.