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Synopsis: Sam and Dean investigate a hunter who went missing investigating a haunted house, but end up finding something more than they expected.

Directed by Tim Andrew wand ritten by Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming

Check the episode entry for Of Grave Importance for a recap, and all the trivia, pop culture references and mythology.

New and updated entries: Bobby, Annie Hawkins, Whitman Van Ness, Victoria Dodd, Ghost, EMF, Hunter's Funeral Pyre.

  • For all the latest interviews and news relating to the seventh season see Season 7 Spoilers.
  • Check our Season 8 page for all the latest about the Show's possibility of renewal for another season.

New interviews with Jim Beaver on Bobby's return:

Spoiler clips for the next new episode which will air on April 20th.

Season 7 Schedule

The Supernatural Post Production Fez

This is the current episode schedule. Click through to the unaired episode entries for links to spoilers.

Remember, this year for the first time, there will be 23 episodes in the season! April 27th: 7.20 Unaired Episode
May 4th: 7.21 Unaired Episode
May 11th: 7.22 Unaired Episode
May 18th: 7.23 Unaired Episode

Wiki Updates

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Supernatural News - Smells like Season 8?
Sera Gamble

Sera Gamble will step down as co-showrunner of Supernatural at the end of this season, to concentrate on developing a new series. Sera has been with the show as a writer since the first season, and took over as showrunner when Eric Kripke left at the end of Season 5.

Sera will will be replaced by Jeremy Carver who wrote for 12 episodes for Supernatural from seasons 3-5. He left to write and produce the US version of Being Human. His partner Anna Fricke will stay on with Being Human.

Bob Singer - co-showrunner for Supernatural since it started as well as writer and director - remains at the helm and Kripke still has a credit as executive consultant.

While there is still no official renewal announcement, this all but confirms the return of Supernatural for an eighth season. source.

  • Supernatural won best Horror Series in the TV Guide Magazine Fan Favorite Award and gained an honorable mention in the Best TV Presentation Category of the Rondo Hatton Horror Awards source
  • Running at the Paley Centre in LA until 2015 is an exhibition called Out Of The Box featuring costumes, props and memorabilia from 60 years of Warner Brothers TV Shows including Supernatural.
  • For the third year, first Assistant Director Kevin Parks is again heading Team Supernatural in the "Ride to Conquer Cancer" from Vancouver to Seattle on June 16-17, in honor of Kim Manners ride. You can donate at Kevin's page here.

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