Sword of Bruncvik

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Name Sword Of Brunswick
Powers Can kill Dragons
Location/Owners With Dean and Sam Winchester
Episodes 6.12 Like A Virgin

Dean: What kind of blade?
Dr Visyak: One forged with dragon's blood.
Dean: So you need one to kill one, but you gotta kill one to make one... how does that work out?

Dean and Dr Visyak on How to Kill a Dragon, 6.12 Like A Virgin

Dean with the broken Sword of Brunswick

The Sword of Brunswick, like Excalibur or St George's Sword, is a sword that can kill Dragons because it was forged from the blood of dragons. Reputedly only 5 or 6 such swords remain in existence. It likely originated in Braunschweig in Germany. It is similar in form to this two handed sword from 1574.

Dr Visyak, who owns the Sword of Brunswick, tells Dean that "finding it took two decades, countless hours, and some really bad sex with an eastern European ambassador." She describes it as the love of her life. The sword is bound to a stone to protect it, and Dr Visyak tells Dean that, according to the lore, only a knight ready to slay a dragon can pull the sword from the stone. Dean is unable to extract the sword so he resorts to plastic explosives, which, though they free the sword from the stone, break the sword in half!

When Sam and Dean track down two Dragons who have been kidnapping women, Sam uses it successfully to kill one of them while the other escapes.