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When someone's talking to Chuck and says "you", like in "People prayed to you. People built churches for you." should it be capitalized -- You? We capitalize He when Amara talks about God... And what about when He's talking about Himself? Should we capitalize Me? I'm not trained in religious grammar rules...  :P

LOL - well strictly speak if we capitalize pronouns for Chuck we should do so for Amara! I'd tend to go with not capitalizing. Missyjack (talk)

"I Got This"

Metatron: It's okay Sam, you go. Sam: What? Come on. Metatron: I'm serious. I got this.

"I got this" were the last words of Harry "Opie" Winston in the show Sons of Anarchy before he sacrifices himself to protect his friends.

It is also the last line Jax Teller says to the rest of the gang before he sacrifices himself for the good of the club in the series finale. Spoiler Alert.