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Castiel's current status is unknown. We have no evidence that he was actually destroyed by the Leviathans and there were a number of points in the subsequent dialogue that suggest his vessel is still being occupied by the Alpha Leviathan, or "the Boss", as he was referred to by Leviathan!Edgar. Listing him as deceased or destroyed is premature at this time. ladyeternal

Leviathans and vessels.

Is it known if the "Boss" is still even in the vessel? Were the Leviathans in vessels in Purgatory? They are water beings so they should be able to exist in the water. (Which they do when traveling through the water system.)Since Castiel was no longer an angel, would the vessel of a regular human be destroyed?--Frankrizzo51 23:53, 1 October 2011 (UTC)

- Frankrizzo51, since the vessels that the other Leviathans took appear to be suffering no damage or problems containing them, and a human vessel would burn out in far shorter time than one infused with angelic power, it seems only logical that a human vessel with only one Leviathanic occupant could be sustained indefinitely. And therefore, Castiel's vessel should be also sustainable by the Alpha. Also, yes, Leviathans are water creatures, but human bodies are 45-60% water, which should keep them more than comfortable, and the lesser Leviathans were actively seeking human vessels. Therefore it logically stands to reason that the Alpha would want a vessel as well, and even more sense that he would keep the one that is more powerful than the others'.

But all of that is immaterial to the main point of my change to the article: we have no definitive evidence at this point that Castiel was destroyed and even if the characters are assuming his destruction, without proof or confirmation of Castiel's death from Show runners, there is no reason to list him as destroyed in official articles on this wiki at this time. ladyeternal

I think we need to differentiate between Castiel and his vessel. Castiel may still be around , regardless of what happened to the body. something i noticed, i may not mean anything: Castiel only started leaking leviathan juice after all the other souls left him. Which means that the other souls must have been holding the leviathans back in some way, most likely not intentionally, they were probably just suffocated in some way. i agree that the Alpha may still be in Castiel. he couldn't support all of the leviathans, but could support one i'm sure. Xuberfanx