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I would suggest to call the "Fate Killing Blade" in a different name. I doubt that it is a specific weapon that was made for the purpose to kill Fate. We don't know practically anything about the blade though. I would suggest a generic term like Celestial Blade. Or something equally non-specific. I believe that it was not made to kill her because Castiel said in 6.17 that "Balthazar has a weapon" and not "Balthazar has THE weapon". --Scyllaya 15:22 19 April 2011

I'd prefer not to use a term like çelestial blade, so have changed it to the blade that could kill Fate. --Missyjack 13:49, 19 April 2011 (UTC)

That is perfectly good choice I guess :) Scyllaya 15:55 19 April 2011