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Atropos's Book of Fate

I was wondering the line in Atropos's History Section about here having a Book that tells Peoples Fates should that stay in that section or be moved to to the Powers and Abilities Section of the Page or even create a new Equipment Section on the page for this certain sentence. Basically the line defenitly needs to be on the page but could it be located in a better section of the page rather than were its currently located. Oh well I was just wondering what anyone thought of line and were it should be placed on the page.

From Rod12

removed Angel lore categorization as her association with Heaven still doesn't qualify her to go in that category. cheers --Missyjack 21:59, 20 April 2011 (UTC)

Fate Trivia

What about the bad guy's death at the end of the episode 2.13_Houses_of_the_Holy? When Dean describes how the man died, he says he thinks it may have been the hand of God at work, but I think it was the Fate's one.

From EmptyYy