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Hey! Just wondering whether the info, that now Dean is able to see fairies (they are invisible to humans usually) - as he was dragged over to their side - should be added to Dean's Background? - Scyllaya 15:37, 21 Nov 2010

I'm not sure that putting the James Dean info at the top of the article is the best option, but it matches how similar info is in other character pages. IsaacSapphire 01:36, 7 May 2009 (UTC)

Dude! Of course it is. It wouldn't be fair to leave it out.

5.05 did rather emphasize the James Dean thing in my mind, but as it's been removed once before, I won't be the one to put it back. PS: don't forget to sign your talk notes with four of these things ~ IsaacSapphire 00:03, 20 October 2009 (UTC)

is dean married?

In ALL episodes Dean has a WEDDING ring on his hand. Is he married? Or is it the ring that Jensen is married to Danneel ? Then way doesn't he take it off when he is rolling? And how did not the directors saw the ring?

It's not a wedding ring. Jensen didn't marry Danneel till after filming wrapped on season five. And the ring's on Dean's right hand, and it disappears around—am I remembering right that it's there in Curious Case but not in Changing Channels? Anyway, it vanishes partway through season five. And Jensen informed us at some point that Dean only had it to open beer bottles with, and the ring's been beat all to hell and there are screw-cap beer bottles, so now it's gone. (Probably got turned into a silver bullet.) And see above where IsaacSapphire said to sign your comments? Do that, please. Like this: ~~~~ —EllieMurasaki 17:20, 28 June 2010 (UTC)

Dean allergic to shellfish?

In the episode Red Sky At Morning, Dean says that "his wife" (Bela) has a severe shellfish allergy (as an excuse for her 'fainting') not himself, which the Dean Winchester page claims right now.--katsheswims