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I totally believe that when Death claimed to Dean that he will one day reap God he lied: I think that Archangels are almost as powerful and dramatic as Death himself, seeing as Lucifer bound and secured Death via a spell. Although i also think that while he may be subjected and harmed by an archangel, I think that his role and essential purpose greatly exceeds that of all archangels, as it it his main task to maintain and supply order and balance to the Natural Order. Although this may be unlikely because Death entered Lucifer's Cage unaided and returned without an opening or pathway, something that even Michael and Lucifer couldn't achieve. What does anyone else think?

Anderson54, December 30th 2010

In my opinion I believe that Death lied to Dean when he said that he will one day reap God. And here's my reasoning behind that statement:

According to Bobby Singer, Death was always kept restrained in a cell that was buried some where under the Earth's surface.

Just from that statement we understand that even Death can be kept at bay; so how than could he reap God? Personally, I think Death merely expressed his duty to Dean - reaping all life before eternity.

Side note: If Lucifer, who was created by God, can cast a binding spell on Death, how is it possible for Death to kill Lucifer's creator? To me, that makes absolutely no sense.

Any other thoughts or opinions?

SonicShocker, 7:05 PM, August 23rd 2010

  • It is unknown as to whether or not Death is actually an angel as his title suggests, or a powerful demon. Due to the mythology of Death stretching back further than Lilith’s (who was the first demon ever conceived) it is more likely the former. In this case it is also unknown as to how Death might differ from other angels, whether or not he is an Archangel, a Fallen Angel, or something different entirely. Biblical and religious lore supports the latter.

I just erased the Head Reaper part of Death's occupation.


  • Death was not specified as being a Reaper in Canon, or for that matter the Head Reaper.

Anderson Writer, FEB. 14th 2010

I removed the reference to Hades (god of the Underworld in Greek mythology) and Azrael, who is an Angel of Death in the Islamic and Judaic traditions, as I think they are quite different from Death, Horsemen of the Apocalypse.--Missyjack 11:09, 27 March 2010 (UTC)

Just removed this bit:

I removed the pic that was coded as [File:death supernatural.jpg]. I removed this pic for it is currently classified as a Spoiler. Our policy describes and dictates that we DO NOT allow any spoilers (No Exceptions)!!! Anyone may re-enter (put back) the pic (File:death supernatural.jpg) to the page titled Death when he physically appears in the show (also the Episode has to have already aired in the U.S.)

I also removed some spoiler-info from the Horsemen page.


Anderson Writer, MAY 4th 2010 (UTC)

My Speculation:

I remember that in the Bible it was Death who conjured the deadly storms during the Great flood. Isn't possible that Lucifer summoned Death for this purpose.... to obliterate the Earth by forcing Death to conjure storms that would lead to the destruction of the Earth...

Please post any thoughts on this documented speculation.... Feedback is ALWAYS great!


Anderson Writer, MAY 12th 2010 (UTC)

That's more ambitious than I expect of this show, honestly. Especially considering I saw an article the other day, might've been in TIME, to the effect of if India and Pakistan nuke each other the resulting smoke clouds will block enough sun long enough to starve most of the world. War could've done much more damage there than in River Pass, Colorado. —EllieMurasaki 05:37, 13 May 2010 (UTC)

My Theory:

Wouldn't Death be the Head of the Four Horsemen? Even in Supernatural, Death has verbalized his potential. His capabilities seem to far surpass the power of his horsemen siblings (War, Famine and Pestilence). Apparently, the human mind cannot fully calculate nor process Death's "true" power. Death brought this fact to the table when he addressed it to Dean Winchester. Because this is only in theory, I am reluctant to post this onto his occupation section. I will address this onto other Talk pages that are parallel to this point.


Anderson Writer, MAY 13th 2010 (UTC)

Intimidation factor

From what was seen in 11th episode of Season 2, and also when Dean first met Death, it seemed pretty clear that Dean was very intimidated by Death. This is not quite the same as being afraid of Death, and Death isn't afraid of openly reprimanding Dean for rude manners. --Venixer 01:18, 19 December 2010 (UTC)