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Pure speculation: I think that the individual rings belonging to each Horsemen, symbolically represent their "weapon" or "implement" they traditionally bear or carry in lore. For instance, Famine's ring may symbolize the set of scales used in lore, War's ring may also symbolize his red sword used in lore. And as for Death and Pestilence's representations, Death isn't foretold to be bearing a weapon but in many depictions, he bears a scythe; and Pestilence is often incorporated with Death. If this is accurate, then that would explain why they are all rendered weaker and basically all get deprogrammed once they lose physical connection with their ring except for Death - Because they require their ring as it is their "weapon" needed to further the Apocalypse. What does anyone else think on the matter?

Anderson54, January 17th 2011

Reverted to a previous version to retain the pictures of the Horseman, and also use the names of the horsemen (War, death etc..) that are used in the Show rather than "the pale horseman" etc, as most viewers would know the Horsemen by the more commonly used names. --Missyjack 02:34, 2 July 2010 (UTC) /SuperWiki Admin

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1) Why did Pestilence drive a green vehicle and Death drive a white vehicle? In Revelations, Pestilence rides the white horse, while Death rides the pale horse, which in some translations is "pale-green." 2) In addition, Death is referred to by Bobby as the Angel of Death ("Abandon All Hope"), who, in the Quran, is named Azrael. Does this mean that the other horsemen are also angels? 3) If Death is an angel, then God must have created him. So, how can Death be older than God? 4) No question for this one, but I just do not like the fact that Death will reap God as God is eternal, supreme, and all powerful. If anybody wants to comment on this last bit, feel free.

  • added by Matt P. <mparantha@yahoo.com> on 06/30/2010 *

RE: I totally agree with you. Death shouldn't be able to reap God - In many traditions; God is all-powerful and all-knowing. I also have some questions. Question1: It seems like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are real living beings, so wouldn't that make the Pale Horseman allegeable to death. And to answer your question about Death being an angel, I don't think Death is an angel. See the sentence below for a more broad answer. When Bobby referred to the Pale Horseman as "the angel of Death" I think he was making a reference to Death as he appears in most traditions - in more simple terms, Bobby used the name "the angel of Death" as more of a title than anything else. So no I don't think War, Famine, Death and Pestilence are angels. However, their true origin and race remains unknown. And to answer your other question, I think they gave Pestilence a green car and Death a white car mainly because they didn't want to confuse the viewers - white and pale look too much alike.

-- GrammarKing, June 30th 2010(UTC)

RE:RE: Supernatural seems to take a different approach on biblical mythology, not entirely devoted to the biblical canon. After all, it is not a Judeo-Christian fiction like that of the Left Behind book series. True, in many traditions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha'i, etc.), the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is omnipotent and omniscient. However, Supernatural makes God to be as an equal, if not inferior, to the Four Horsemen, especially Death (which would be seen as extremely blasphemous in a Judeo-Christian-Islamic context). This still begs the question as to how Death could be put under Lucifer's spell, and God apparently could not. Common sense would tell you that if Lucifer could keep God Himself under a spell, he would most definitely have done it by now. So, in this case, Death is either lying or is very confused about his role in the Apocalypse. Personally, I believe that the Horsemen are a higher order of angels, above the Archangels; perhaps Principalities or Powers (see Angelic Hierarchy)? Just some questions to think about. ---Ano-User 02:33, 27 July 2010 (UTC)

just removed this bit: *Apparently they are extremely obedient on fulfilling Lucifer's apocalyptic plan" as i think while they are part of the apocalypse, i don't think we know that they are working with or obedient to Lucifer. Can restore this is more info comes to light. --Missyjack 11:33, 18 January 2010 (UTC)

Just removed Pestilence from name template, for it is just another name for Death.

Anderson Writer, FEB. 15th 2010

I removed this particular info from the horsemen page because it is currently a spoiler. Our policy describes and dictates that we DO NOT allow any spoilers (No Exceptions)!!!


Anderson Writer, MAY 4th 2010 (UTC)

Changed names of Horseman from Red to War etc, as the terms Pale Horsemen etc are not commonly used in the show to refer to the Horseman and may confuse readers. --Missyjack 07:04, 6 May 2010 (UTC)

My Speculation:

I remember that in the Bible it was Death who conjured the deadly storms during the Great flood. Isn't possible that Lucifer summoned Death for this purpose.... to obliterate the Earth by forcing Death to conjure storms that would lead to the destruction of the Earth...

Please post any thoughts on this documented speculation.... Feedback is ALWAYS great!


Anderson Writer, MAY 12th 2010 (UTC)

Small question:

On all pages that talk about the horsemen and their rings, it says "X's Ring is one of three other Rings that are keys to Lucifer's cage". But, there are four horsemen in total, and four rings that make up the whole triangle thing. So is there a mistake or is there a reason for it? (Also, this is the first time I have ever edited anything, so forgive any errors please)

Balnai, Sept 17th, 2010

Can this section please be edited for clarity - I don't understand what it means. Also i can find no reference in My Bloody Valentine that says that Famine has been weakened due to "agricultural improvements on Earth", unless you are referring to the line "He will ride into the land of plenty and great will be the horseman's hunger, for he is hunger." - which doesn't mean that at all.


In Supernatural, just like they need their ring to channel their apocalyptic based powers, the three Horsemen (War, Famine and Pestilence) seem to mainly if not fully strive on the actual nature or concept of their true purpose to maintain strength and potential on Earth. Take Famine for example: He was physically servely weakened due agricultural improvements on Earth5.14 My Bloody Valentine, heavily suggesting that they can be weakened if their natures falture or subside.