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I highly doubt that Raphael could have monitored yet alone protected Chuck Shurley during the events presented in 5.04 The End - Future!Castiel informs Dean Winchester that The Host of Heaven is no longer active as they all bailed and left Heaven.

Anderson54, January 20th 2011

I was just pondering, but could it be a possibility that Future!Chuck didn't die like the rest of his futuristic crew? I mean, doesn't chuck have an archangel tethered to him; NO ONE would dare miss with that, not even Lilith, quite ironic. He probably was the only one who wasn't killed during the attack on Lucifer.

--Anderson Writer, February 2nd 2010 (UTC)

Possible? Sure. Likely? No. Especially not for that reason. If Michael's not around, and 2014!Dean made it pretty clear that Michael's not around and neither is any other angel he's tried to contact bar Castiel who doesn't count, then Raphael's probably not around either. —EllieMurasaki 03:15, 3 February 2010 (UTC)

That's very interesting, never thought of that scenario.

--Anderson Writer, February 3rd 2010 (UTC)