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God is older than the other Gods

The show made it quite clear that God and his angels existed before the other Gods. The following episodes revere and support the contrary:

In 5.04 The End, Lucifer stated that the Earth is "the last great handiwork of God".

In 5.08 Changing Channels, Gabriel stated that God "flipped on the lights around here".

In 5.21 Two Minutes To Midnight, Death stated that he is "as old as God, maybe older."

In 5.22 Swan Song, Lucifer stated that "Dad made everything".

All of those dictate that God was present before the other Gods were, and Kali simply meant that their religions were practiced and performed more.

Anderson54, February 17th 2011

removed recurring character templates as this is a definition not a character page as such and they didn't really add to the entry. --Missyjack 19:03, 26 July 2010 (UTC)

Was any explanation given for why the gods in Supernatural are, basically, pushovers? In large groups the Winchesters are screwed, but generally, one-on-one they've been able to take down most of the gods they encounter. Tashiro 16:16, 9 November 2010 (UTC)

Made a few changes. One was to remove the statement that Gods are immortal, as obviously in Supernatural they are not (ie they can be killed). Also reworded section that privileged the Abrahamic religions over the other religions (eg calling the other gods 'delirious' and the Abrahamic God created everything. Supernatural has a very pluralistic approach to religions although the Abrahamic religions are the main point of view. --Missyjack 21:32, 30 November 2010 (UTC)

Just a few minor edits. Need to be careful of making broad generalisations based on the very little we have seen of these Gods eg we can't say "most other Gods don't possess..." cheers

Unnamed Gods in Hammer of the Gods

I think I may have discovered one of the two unnamed male gods names in "Hammer of the Gods." I enhanced a picture in Photoshop where the name tag is visible, and was able to make out the first letter as a D, and Dionysius seems to be the one that fits the blurry scribble the best. Mikael (talk)