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The Antichrist is the only one who could match Michael's true power. Jesse was said to be able to destroy the host of heaven (Michael) with just a word. Not even Lucifer could kill Michael. It could be speculated that Lucifer is in fact afraid of Michael because of his power. -who ever wrote this please only give information given by the show or creators and if you did please provide a link to where. OldNick666

The part about Michael not being affected by Enochian should be removed. He could have set up the entire Anna vs. Sam and Dean situation by letting Anna out. He could also easily find John and Mary, who didn't have sigils on their ribs.

removed this "Some time after Lucifer's banishment and God's departure, Michael constructed a plan concerning the marriage of John and Mary Winchester. He then told a Cupid angel to orchestrate and intervene on Earth by marking John and Mary so that they will fall in love, which would result in the birth of The Vessels, Dean and Sam." as we do not know who commanded the pairing of John and Mary. Only that "heaven" did. --Missyjack 07:42, 29 March 2011 (UTC)