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long term viewing trends?

it seems to me that the ratings numbers that the other broadcast networks are happy with now are so very much smaller than they used to be 8 years ago. is this true? and if so, is there some kind of normalization factor we could use to scale the SPN ratings relative to what would be considered a "hit" on a larger network? the supernatural ratings numbers have gone down some each year but i believe they have in fact stayed much flatter than "successful" shows on the other networks. -- Holykrip (talk)

Missing ratings for 8.23 Sacrifice

For some reason, the ratings for 8.23 Sacrifice are not listed. Found them but cannot edit this page. They are 2.31 1.0/3 Source: tvbythenumbers


Why has this page been locked from editing by anyone but admins?

It's a couple years out of date now...