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Name Tamiel
Actor Treva Etienne
Dates Before humanity - 2015 (killed by Claire Novak)
Location Earth
Occupation Grigori
Episode(s) 10.20 Angel Heart


Tamiel was of an elite squad of angels known as the Grigori who turned bad and were thought wiped out. However, some survived including Tamiel and they began feeding on human souls, trapping the human in a dream state of their perfect Heaven. Tamiel did this for presumably thousands of years under a variety of names, having spent the last fifty assuming the identity of a faith healer named Peter Holloway.


10.20 Angel Heart

Under the name of Peter Holloway, Tamiel set himself up as a faith healer in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he healed Ronnie Cartwright's blindness and used him to find people who wouldn't be missed to feed on. In 2013, Ronnie brought him Amelia Novak who was looking for her missing husband. After seeing that Tamiel fed on the people he sent him, Ronnie quit working for him.

In 2015, Amelia's daughter, Claire began a search for her mother, leading her to Ronnie. Her efforts drew the attention of the Winchesters and Tamiel's fellow angel Castiel as Claire's father, Jimmy, was Castiel's vessel. The three began helping her look using Ronnie and Amelia's credit card records. Ronnie, under threat of force by Dean, told them about "Holloway" but called him to warn him afterwards. Unimpressed, Tamiel killed Ronnie with his angel sword and prepared to leave town, recognizing that hunters were after him.

After tracking Tamiel to a farmhouse, Sam and Castiel went there to find Amelia. Sam was captured by Tamiel who explained who he was before leaving him alone, resulting in Sam escaping. Tamiel headed to the barn where he found Claire trying to help a weak Amelia get away and told her that Amelia was beyond saving. Claire shot Tamiel repeatedly with a gun to no effect and he tried to kill her. However, Amelia sacrificed herself to save her daughter. Before Tamiel could try again, Sam, Dean and Castiel engaged him in battle and tried to kill him. Tamiel easily overpowered all of them, but was killed by Claire who stabbed him through the back with his own sword which she later kept as she intended to become a hunter herself.