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Name Tasha
Actor Emily Tennant
Dates  ???? – 2014 (killed by Kate)
Location Durham, Washington
Occupation Werewolf
Episode(s) 10.04 Paper Moon


Tasha was the younger sister of Kate who was a good girl growing up, but let people walk all over her. She and Kate were close. After being turned into a werewolf, Kate secretly visited her family and saw Tasha and her parents sitting down to dinner, but didn't go in so that she doesn't harm them. Sometime later, Tasha was involved in a bad car accident and wasn't expected to survive. After finding out from Facebook, Kate visited her to say goodbye, but turned her into a werewolf and kidnapped her from the hospital instead, as she realized the powers of a werewolf could save Tasha. Unlike Kate, Tasha embraced being a werewolf and started killing, drawing Sam and Dean's attention.


10.04 Paper Moon

After Tasha kills three people in Durham, Washington and eats their hearts, Sam and Dean investigate, finding Kate and believing she was the killer. At the same time Sam and Dean are about to kill Kate, Tasha kills a fourth victim at a school and Kate escapes.

The next morning, Sam and Dean track Tasha down to a motel using the phone call between her and Kate they interrupted, thinking they were tracking Kate. Sam and Dean catch Tasha in a park apparently hunting another victim and she pretends to be scared until they pull a silver knife on her to test her, then she attacks them. She is stopped by Kate and runs off while Kate stops Sam and Dean from going after her.

After Dean tricks Kate into telling them where to find Tasha, they travel to a cabin Kate and Tasha used to come to with their parents where Sam finds Tasha. However, she has turned two men, Brandon and Travis, who take Dean hostage to force Sam to surrender. Tasha tries to get Kate to kill Sam and eat his heart so she can join the pack that Tasha is building, but Kate refuses. Tasha leaves Brandon and Travis to deal with Sam and Dean while she talks to Kate. Kate tries to talk Tasha out of her rampage, but Tasha feels she's a superhero now and doesn't have to fear anyone anymore, she's the one that will be feared. Kate hugs her and, realizing Tasha is lost, stabs Tasha with a silver knife, killing her. Kate takes Tasha's bracelet that matches her own and flees. Sam and Dean easily dispatch Brandon and Travis and find Tasha's body.