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Azazel teleports away before Sam can kill him.

Teleportation is the ability to disappear and reappear somewhere else at a mere thought. Amara (the Darkness), Jack Kline (God) and Death are the only three beings in existence with the ability to teleport anywhere in the universe without restriction. Angels and archangels in vessels have the ability to teleport through time and space through the use of their wings, however most angels have lost this ability after Metatron's spell to lock up Heaven caused the angels to fall and destroyed their wings. The archangels like Gabriel and Lucifer were spared from losing their wings, due to being unaffected by Metatron's spell, making them at the time, the only angels left in the universe with the ability to teleport. Demons in meatsuits have the ability as well; through summoning rituals a demon is forced to appear before their summoner. Teleportation among demons appears to only be used by crossroads demons and high-ranking powerful demons such as Cain, the Princes of Hell, Lilith, and Crowley.

Beings such as pagan deities, reapers, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Eve also have/had the ability to teleport anywhere they wish. The Antichrist or Cambion, Jesse Turner, can teleport anywhere on Earth with a single thought, though his powers are only strong when Lucifer is walking the Earth. Jack Kline, the son of Lucifer, has wings and the capability to teleport; as a Nephilim, his powers will eventually grow to surpass his father's.

Witches have the capability to master teleportation if they are powerful enough to harness the magic required. Teleportation for humans, however, does appear to come with side-effects. In 5.03 Free to Be You and Me, Dean Winchester notes his displeasure with teleportation, remarking that he did not have a bowel movement for a week after Castiel teleported him to St. Mary's Convent; he thus prefers driving to teleportation regardless of inconvenience. In 12.08 LOTUS, Crowley warns Kelly Kline of teleportation's unpleasantness, telling her it will "sting a bit."