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File:Tessa the reaper.jpg
Name Tessa
Actor Lindsey McKeon
Occupation Reaper
Episode(s) 2.01 In My Time of Dying, 4.15 Death Takes A Holiday

Tessa is the disguise of a reaper. She was inspired by the character Death in Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels.S2Com,p.22 In her interactions with souls, she refuses to give information on the afterlife to those who ask.

2.01 In My Time Of Dying

Tessa and Dean

Following the car smash in 1.22 Devil's Trap, Dean lies critically injured in hospital. He is so close to death that his spirit leaves his body. He sees a reaper taking other souls, and tries to stop it, especially when it goes to his room to take him. The reaper departs, but reappears as Tessa, who is supposedly a sympathetic young woman in a coma. She tries to convince Dean that dying is beyond his control, and that it won't be so bad. After Dean realizes who she actually is, they have a frank conversation in which she explains to Dean that Vengeful Spirits are ghosts who refuse to cross over and eventually go mad. Dean is about to decide whether to cross over when Azazel intervenes, possessing Tessa and restoring Dean to life as part of the deal with John Winchester.

4.15 Death Takes A Holiday

When the reaper in a small town disappears and people stop dying, Tessa turns up to continue the work. Dean does not recall their first encounter, so she restores his memory. Dean and Sam tell her they suspect demons have kidnapped the reaper and ask her to delay her work so they can try and find out where the demons are from Cole Griffith. Tessa agrees on a temporary halt to the reaping, but insists on taking Cole as soon as the situation is resolved. Tessa is then kidnapped by Alastair, who plans to kill both the reapers in order to break one of the sixty six seals. Sam and Dean manage to free her. She then helps Cole Griffith cross over. She also warns Dean to stop lying to himself, that whatever the angels have planned, he knows that there are bad things ahead.