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Thankyou ad.jpg

After the end of Season 5, and following the announcement that Eric Kripke was stepping down as showrunner for Season 6, a project was started by anteka and trillian27670 through a community on called "thankyou_kripke" on Livejournal to raise money to place an ad in the industry trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

$3,600 was raised to place the ad, and fans voted on the design in a poll. The winning design was by sykodrama. An additional $2,100 was donated to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, Kripke's preferred charity.

The moderator of the LJ comm received a thankyou email from Eric Kripke:

I know this is late, but I wanted to write a belated thanks to you and your organization. The ad in the Hollywood Reporter was very flattering. We at Supernatural always appreciate our fan's support and without you the show would not exist. The donation to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund made me particularly happy, as giving back to the world community is something I believe in strongly.

In short, thank you again.

Eric Kripke