The Carver

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Name The Carver
Actor Parker Brando
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Sheriff Donna Hanscum)
Location Oshkosh, Nebraska
Occupation Body part harvester
Episode(s) 13.11 Breakdown


The Carver is an unknown person who worked in conjunction with Agent Terrance Clegg, kidnapping and harvesting the body parts of people to sell to monsters via online auction.


13.11 Breakdown

The Carver is alerted to Wendy Hanscum as a possible victim by the vampire Marlon. The Carver goes on to cause a flat tire on Wendy's car, forcing her to pull over down the road. As a semi-truck passes Wendy by, the Carver reveals himself, and after a short struggle is able to drag Wendy away to his slaughterhouse. There the Carver sets up a camera in front of a restrained Wendy, mocking her pleas for help.

After Agent Terrance Clegg reveals himself as "the Butterfly" to Sam Winchester, he has the Carver set up a camera to auction off pieces of Sam. After setting up the auction, the Carver goes off to begin work on Wendy Hanscum, but soon finds Donna attempting to rescue her niece. A short fight ensues, where Donna is able to gain the upper hand and stab the Carver in the chest, killing him.


  • While not named in the episode, writer Davey Perez revealed that the name used to track the character's actions in the script was "The Carver."