The Giving Back Tour Indianapolis 2018

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Creation Entertainment will hold a "Giving Back Tour" convention in Indianapolis on 13-15 July 2018. The "Giving Back Tour" conventions will raise money and take donations of good for a local charity and have interactive games as well as panels.

The fans in Indianapolis donated over 10,000 items to help people experiencing homelessness through Horizon House.

Additional Events

These are free events

  • Heads Up with Alex Calvert
  • Trivial Pursuit with Mark Pellegrino
  • Film a scene with Misha: Attendees will be selected at the show both for acting and production roles in creating this scene, and the audience will watch as it is filmed live on stage.
  • R2M Charades
  • Sing onstage with Louden Swain
  • Mad Libs with Rachel Miner
  • Monster Mash-up with Kim and Brianna
  • Flash Mob dance with Ruth


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