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These are the occasions Sam and Dean have been mistaken for a couple, or had been referred to as and paralleled with couples.


1.08 Bugs

While investigating a death in the Oasis Plains community, Sam and Dean meet Larry Pike at a barbecue, who tells them they accept all homeowners regardless of race, religion, color, or sexual orientation. An embarrassed Larry is corrected by Dean that they are in fact brothers.

Inside the barbecue Sam and Dean meet Lynda Bloome, who tells them the same thing Larry did. Dean excuses himself with a slight chuckle, calling a surprised Sam "honey" and smacking him on the rear before leaving.

1.18 Something Wicked

While getting a room at the Court Motel in Fitchburg, Wisonsin, Dean tells the young clerk Michael he wants two queens. Michael, seeing Sam waiting outside, snickers and under his breath says "I'll bet."

2.11 Playthings

Checking in at the Pierpont Inn under the guise of antiquing, Susan Thompson tells Sam and Dean they "look the type" and asks if they want a king-size bed. Embarrassed, Sam quickly tells Susan they are just brothers and want two singles, while a confused Dean asks what she meant when she said they "look the type."

2.15 Tall Tales

After being brought in to help on a case, Bobby tells Sam and Dean that they are bickering like an "old married couple."

3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

When Sam and Dean enter Santa's Village, they are greeted by an Elf who asks if she can escort their child to Santa. Sam becomes flummoxed, while Dean tells the woman that they are brothers and it is Sam's dream to meet Santa, eliciting a disgusted look when Sam tells her they are just there to watch.

In a twist, Dean plays up to the fact that a shopkeeper assumes they are a couple, and has Sam ask about a Christmas wreath they saw at the Walsh's home while playing Jenga, prompting Sam to say the wreath was "yummy."

4.01 Lazarus Rising

After reuniting with Sam at his motel, Ruby asks if they are "together", a still-shocked Sam tells her that Dean is his brother.

4.18 The Monster at the End of This Book

After learning about the existence of the Supernatural books, Sam and Dean learn that there are fans, some of whom ship Sam and Dean together. When Dean asks if they realize they are brothers, Sam tells him it "doesn't seem to matter."

8.04 Bitten

Michael Wheeler and Brian Wilcox secretly film Sam and Dean who are investigating a case as FBI agents. Michael tells Brian he is getting a workplace romance vibe from Sam and Dean and later Brian tells him of their stakeout at a diner, and how they talked about being apart for a year, which he feels confirmed that they were right about the romance.

8.20 Pac-Man Fever

While witnessing an argument between Sam and Dean, Charlie Bradbury tells them that they fight like an "old married couple."

9.17 Mother's Little Helper

After Dean ignored a call from Sam, Crowley remarks that he is lying to Sam like Sam is Dean's wife, which would make him Dean's mistress.

10.03 Soul Survivor

After being cured by Sam from being a demon, Dean asks Castiel if Sam wants a "divorce" after he had tried to kill him.

10.05 Fan Fiction

When Dean sees Siobhan and Maggie standing close to each other, he asks Marie what they are doing. She tells them they are rehearsing a "brotherly moment" scene, and begins to describe how Sam and Dean are bonded, which leads Dean to question why they are so close together. Marie simply tells him "reasons," which prompts Dean to ask if she realizes they are brothers. With Marie telling him, "Well, duh! But... Subtext"

10.06 Ask Jeeves

Heddy and Beverley believe Sam and Dean to be gay murderers, comparing them to real-life killers Leopold and Loeb -- only hotter.

11.19 The Chitters

Seeing Cesar and Jesse Cuevas fighting causes Dean to remark that they sound just like him and Sam. Cesar corrects Dean, saying they are more like an "old married couple."


  • In the script for 11.17 Red Meat, the stage directions for Michelle Tilghman and Dean's final scene where she tells him she watched the man she loved die, has Dean realizing he went through the same ordeal with Sam when he thought he died.

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