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Powers and Abilities Teleportation
Vulnerabilities Unknown
Appearance A thin, faceless, balding male
Episode(s) 9.15 #thinman

Ed: Thinman, is part man, part tree.
Harry: Some people believe that he emerged from the nightmare of an autistic boy.

Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler, 9.15 #thinman


Thinman was an internet meme/urban legend created by Ed Zeddmore as a way of keeping fellow Ghostfacer Harry Spengler from leaving the team. To create Thinman Ed took an old photo of a butler and altered it with photoshop and posted the photo anonymously on a horror forum, Ed only meant for Thinman to be one case for the Ghostfacers to chase down, however it soon took on a life of its own and became a crowd sourced legend.

In the urban legend, Thinman lurks in the background of his intended victims' lives, occasionally being caught in the background of a photograph, until he is ready to kill them. The Thinman's victims can range from the old to the young, to male or female. However people cannot agree on what Thinman actually is, as the lore on him changes from blog to blog.


Thinman standing behind Casey Miles.

9.15 #thinman

When a girl named Casey Miles is murdered in her bedroom, the evidence as to who murdered her points to the Thinman after a selfie she took of herself minutes before she died, showing Thinman standing behind her, is uploaded to a Thinman fan forum immediately afterwards. The news of this mysterious death brings Sam and Dean to Springdale, Washington, where during the course of their investigation run into the Ghostfacers Ed Zeddmore and Harry Spengler who reveal to the Winchesters they are not dealing with a ghost, but an urban legend known as Thinman.

Soon after the Winchester's arrive in Springdale another Thinman murder happens, this time caught on the security cameras at Johnny's Apple Country Diner, where the manger Trey is shown to have his throat cut by Thinman, who appears to teleport from the parking lot to the inside of the locked diner.

It is then Harry decides to try and hunt down Thinman against the advice of Ed, Harry does not listen and has Ed drop him off by some woods. During his hunt, Harry comes face to face with Thinman who slashes him in his abdomen, however Harry is able to react quickly and kicks Thinman in the groin before he makes his escape.

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