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Travis Aaron Wade played Cole Trenton in four episodes of Supernatural. He appeared in the first episode of season 10 (10.01 Black) as a man seeking revenge on Dean Winchester for murdering his father when he was a child.


Travis in Fandom


When Travis was attending cons between 2015-2016, he received accusations by underage fans of sexual harassment. He claims these accusations were false. Creation no longer invited Travis to conventions after the 2016 season, but the controversy rages on through Twitter. Fans have claimed Travis has threatened and doxxed them (including calling their real life places of work) as retaliation for their accusations. Travis counterclaims that fans have doxxed him and threatened his life (including leaving a knife in his door).

Travis has repeatedly and publicly spoken out on Twitter and Facebook against his fellow Supernatural actors, most often using their initials such as "MC" for Misha Collins and "JP" for Jared Padalecki. He claims Misha is pedophile because of photos taken with supposedly underage fans (these claims were refuted by the fans pictured), and that Jared is only using AKF to make money. He also blamed both Creation and the other actors for the actors being paid with fans' money at conventions instead of being paid by Creation directly. His assistant Vicki made a fake twitter account to make accusations against Misha in a joint attempt to get Misha fired from the show. Needless to say, it didn't work. He insists, along with his friend Mark Pellegrino that he is a victim of cyberbullying by Supernatural fans.

Out of fear or backlash, fans began referring to Travis only as "Mayo" or "TAW" and using twitter hashtags including #blacklistTAW #TragicAttentionWhore

In 2020, Travis was discovered to have DMed a threatening message to Rep. Alma Hernandez.

After the attack on the US capitol building in January of 2021, Wade continued tweeting threatening messages and encouraging violence on both Twitter and the right-wing messaging platform Parler.

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