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There are a number of Twitter accounts where fans role play (RP) Supernatural characters with different styles:

Canon - As portrayed and depicted in the show.

AU - Alternate Universe - Diverges from the show.

Actions - Non-verbal cues usually within asterisks. Example: Dean: Don't look at me. It was his idea. *points to Castiel*

Narrative - Storybook format. Example: "Dean dampens a washcloth in the motel sink and starts to clean his jacket with quick motions. Castiel appears behind him without a word. Dean sees him in the mirror and jumps slightly."

OOC - Out Of Character - The RPer tweets something behind the scenes or personal that's not related to the character, many times designated with OOC, /, //, *, or other symbol.

Gen - General fiction.

Kink - Sexually oriented situation or practice which is a turn-on.

Slash - Two characters of the same sex in a sexual relationship.

Wincest - Romantic or sexual interest between two Winchesters.

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Fans of Supernatural role playing on Twitter created a fan site: Supernatural Twitter