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Misha shows off his custom made J2 undies in Melbourne in 2013. Pic by @redteekal

Jared and Jensen have been described as "underwear models" (mainly by Misha), they along with Misha have not been paid for their underwear fashion - yet. This entry catalogues noticeable appearances of their underwear - purposefully shown and stolen glimpses!


After he was made a regular in Season 5, Misha had underwear made up for the crew with Jared and Jensen's faces on the bum saying “Supernatural - we’ve got your back” Here's Misha showing off the undies at All Hell Breaks Loose 4 Sydney/Melbourne 2013.


At Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2009, Richard Speight Jr. told the story of finding a pair of pumpkin colored briefs in his trailer. He thinks its a prank by Jared and Jensen, but finds out that they were a Misha's. One day he'd spilled soup on his pants and had to change and the only spare briefs he had were the pumpkin colored ones - a gift from a fan! The Wardrobe Department had later laundered them and put them in Richard's trailer by mistake.

Before the Jus In Bello Italy 2010 in April 2010, Richard encouraged fans to "show Misha how much you care by bringing him a pair of men's bikini brief underwear"

On return from Europe on April 28, Misha posted a picture of himself with the underwear.



Jared in SAXX at Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2012 Photo by @redteekal
Tweets between SAXX Underwear and Jared in August 2014

"Something Strange is going on with Jared Padalecki's Underwear!" That was the new headline when Jared arrived in Australia in June 2008.
Jared was a last minute replacement for Hayden Panettiere at Supanova Sydney 2008, at the tail end of the Writers Guild of America Strike

. from the article:

Supernatural pin-up boy Jared Padalecki is feeling a little snug in the pants.

The 25-year-old Hollywood actor arrived eight hours late in the country without his bags which had been misplaced en route, along with all of his clothes. As a result his first stop when he arrived in Sydney was to pick up some new underpants, but for a guy who spends most of his time battling the paranormal on the Network Ten hit show Supernatural as Sam Winchester, buying grundies proved quite a challenge.
"I had to go buy clean underwear with the crazy Australian sizes that I didn't understand," he told AAP in Sydney. "Sixteen? 18? I have no idea what size I am - we do small, medium and large. They're far too small - they're like a thong. It's embarrassing."

"Grundies" is rhyming slang for undies (Reg Grundys=undies; Reg Grundy was a famous Aussie TV producer)


When you're a tall guy like Jared, just lifting your arms up can reveal your undies! And Jared has revealed on multiple occasions the waistband of his preferred brand - SAXX. It even resulted in tweets from the company suggesting a modelling gig!

While SAXX underwear are designed for comfort with a patented BallPark™ Pouch construction and technical construction to reduce friction, fandom created the lore that they were designed for very well-endowed people, in keeping with the legend of the Padacock.


Ethika "Bear Creek" design

At Jus In Bello Italy 2017, Misha again related his love for orange undies and revealed them. Jensen responded by showing Misha what he was wearing.

Fandom was of course intrigued, and used their finely honed investigative talents deduced the fraction of the waistband visible identified the brand as "Ethika". It was decuced that when Misha had asked "What the fuck is that?", Jensen replied "It's a bear!" leading fandom to deduce Jensen's undies were of a particularly ferocious design.

At the next convention - Salute to Supernatural Phoenix 2017 - a number of fans bought along the same style of undies for Jensen to sign and they even appeared in a photo-op.