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Hello again! Please reply back to me by posting an answer on my Talk page concerning my thoughts which are depicted below.

Anderson54, November 20th 2010

Dear Rod12,

I semi agree with your idea which presents that the Archangel pages need some reorganization and proper outlines which relates and coincides with the others. But on the other hand, I also strongly believe that that each Archangel page should stay within certain and separate boundaries, meaning: Yes, it makes sense for their pages to be setup and formatted in the same manner, but it also makes sense for their bio pages to be unique to their character, and setup directly related to how they were portrayed in the show itself. For instance, their pages should be setup in the same manner which should include their powers, abilities and vulnerabilities, but their bio themselves should be setup according to accurate information and should be directly based on their character which was given by the actual show.

Anderson54, November 19th 2010

Response to Archangel Ideas

Hey again! Wait, so when you use the term "Archangel Pages" what do you mean exactly? Are you referring to the individual pages of the four Archangels? Or are you simply referring to the actual page titled Archangel? And I personally think that, the page titled Archangel is coherent with the facts presented in the show itself. But as for the individual pages, I agree that they could use some rewording and rearticulating. So is this basically what you're trying to say: You want Lucifer's page to match Michael's, Raphael's and Gabriel's and vice-versa; and more explicitly, you want their pages to be setup and organized in the same manner, right?

Anderson54, November 19th 2010

Thanks! So what's your idea concerning the Archangel page?

Anderson54, November 18th 2010

Hi there! I just wanted to inform you that you're a great not to mention a loyal fan of Supernatural. You're also a great contributor. Can't wait for the next episode:)

Anderson54, November 18th 2010

Hi there,

I have a quick question for you.

Was it you that stated that Raphael is the youngest brother of Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel? I mean, it is a possibility, but it seemed like Lucifer implied that Gabriel was the youngest. And he was the only archangel who didn't damage his Vessel with his angelic spirit.

SonicShocker, 10:01 PM, August 2nd 2010

Brigitta page

Hey, Just wanted to let you know that I'm changing the quote back. Samuel doesn't say "...before the boys Sam and Dean get back." He says "...before the boys get back." When he says "the boys," he's referring to Sam and Dean, which is why I inserted their names in the quote in single brackets.

No problem--I just thought it would be nice to explain why I changed the quote again right after you changed it. Personally, I really liked the season 6 premiere and now the second episode, and I can't wait to see where they're going with things! Also, sorry for the edits to your user page. I'm still getting the hang of this! From Ashley

Thank you for the images! I've been angsting because I didn't download the latest episode and couldn't capture any screencaps :) Ashley, 11:17 PM, October 23rd 2010